Gwazuarish – The Love Language

Is Your Partner the Number One Person in Your Life?

Dedicated to my one true love. You’re not number1, you’re the only number, and yes you won!

If I speak from my heart, I’m afraid it’ll be broken
I’m scared of what ull say about the words that I’ve spoken
So I’d rather make you laugh and pretend that I’m joking
Than tell you the truth about the feelings that uve awoken

Truth be told, I feel glad, I feel really psychic
The thoughts in my head are like ice in a jet ski
You Dont cross my mind, you live there, Queen that’s it.
My affections for you are in mass, you would think I was Catholic

Smile soft, laugh hard and let your shadow do some miming
I could sing, I could rhyme about this love, give me some nice beats
No hurt in the stares I give when you walk by
What I feel for you is smooth, like cheese on the French fries.

Lovers like besties, you and me…the best team.
Nothing gets inbetween this, no one gets in.
You’re ma garden, you’re ma lover. You’re my cloth and I’m your cover
We’re good for now and forever, like I’m your bath and you’re ma shower.

Shine bright, break bounds… limits Dont exist
Even i won’t try to cage you. You’re headed places high, and there we’ll co-exist.
If I just liked you, maybe I’ll pluck you…keep you for me, the kinda thing you know
But what I have is love, so instead I’ll water you and then I’ll watch you grow.

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