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This is a true life story of a lady and it’s not Hollywood or Nollywood. This sister is a Christian and a good Christian for that matter but I can’t really say how close to God she is because it’s only God that can judge that.

Now to my story, the sister is of marriageable age and she has been praying to God for the kind of man she wants, but instead of this sister to wait on God to decide and choose for her, all what she was doing is admiring a neat, clean and fine man in the church and praying to God that he should come and ask her out. This man is a cool man, handsome, tall and I know he has a good job, he is not a worker in the church, he just come to the church every Sunday service for worship. This sister admires and loves the man a lot that she has it in my mind that this is my husband but that’s not how God works.

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I believe God has prepared a partner for each person in life, so it depends on how patient, obedient, and submissive to God that determines the journey between you and how you are going to meet your partner. Back to my story, but there is the brother in church too, that is of marriageable age. He has been praying to God to for his partner and God has shown him that the sister is his future wife, he didn’t stop there, and he kept on praying just for assurance until he saw the revelation over and over again. After he has been assured, he went to his pastor, which is the church pastor (that’s how it should be normally) to tell him what God has told him. After telling the pastor the pastor says ok, give me some time let pray too, after some days has passed and the pastor have prayed, he called the brother to his office and told him he received the same message, the pastor called the sister to his office and asked the brother to tell her what he saw, the pastor said his too but the sister said God has not told her anything.

The pastor told her she should pray about it too and come back with the feedback, days passed the sister didn’t come back, weeks the sister didn’t come back, by this time all the ministers in church were aware, they were all praying and seeking God for what to do. They summoned the sister to their meeting (ministers meeting) the sister told them she hasn’t seen anything that’s why she didn’t come back, meanwhile the sister hasn’t been praying. She wants another man; the ministers knew something wasn’t right, so they went to the parents (still interceding on her behalf).

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To cut the long story short, God took control and they got married, but inside the marriage the sister wasn’t treating the brother good, she hated the brother for marrying her and for not allowing her get married to the man he wants. But the brother wasn’t complaining, all he was doing was pray to God. The sister went to the market one day and this fateful day, something happened, that same man that she loves and admire in the church was walking on the street of the market mad. She was shocked to the bone and started thanking God, when she got home, she went to her husband and went down on her kneels to ask for forgiveness. She said “since have been with you and married, I have never loved you, I have never treated you good, I’m truly sorry, I was blinded but as from today, I will start loving you, and I will be the best wife to you as you want me to be, pls forgive me”

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Can we all see how God has saved her from that shackles of getting married to the wrong man, she was very lucky but not everybody will be as lucky as she is because we have different grace following us, so pls let be careful with the choices we make and let’s be obedient to the word of God. Humans can’t judge rightly, only God can, so leave the wheel to God and relax, be sure he will drive you safely to your destination.

PS; The choices we make today whether good or bad determines what will become tomorrow, endeavour to make the right choice

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