True love is what he has for me but blind to see


My name is Jenifer, when I was in year one in the university; there is this guy called David that always comes around me, he was nice to me, caring and loving. He asked me out severally but I didn’t give in to his advances because I don’t love him but still he didn’t stop caring and loving me. I met a guy in my year two he was in year three, wow this guy is everything I want in man, before he asked me out I have been longing for it and I accepted to date him even when he has not yet asked me out. I always tell David how much I admire the guy and I always see the sign of hurt in David’s face never I mentioned that guy. I asked David to help me find out more about the guy and he did.

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It was then I know his name is Desmond, I can’t have a smooth conversation with David without me mentioning Desmond, even my girlfriends knew I love him. The only thing I noticed about Desmond Is that there are lots of ladies flocking around him but I am sure none of them loves him like I do.

This faithful afternoon, I went to the school cafeteria for my lunch as that’s my daily routine, I ordered for my food, as I was about to pay I heard a masculine voice from behind “don’t worry; I will pay it with mine bills.” I looked back to tell the mister money that I can pay my bill only for me to see that the person behind me is Desmond, I was dumbfounded my crush, behind me, paying for my bills, I smiled and I said thank you.

I couldn’t stop talking about it that day, and it eventually caused a fight between me and David but who cares? Not me. After some days, Desmond and I ran into each other at the academics and that’s how we get to talk. I thanked him again for the other day, he asked me out for lunch and I obliged

He told me there is a place outside the campus he likes eating and I am going to like their food and that’s how the journey to my love life began. To cut the long story short, we started dating.

I was a virgin when I met him but after a sometime he convinced me for sex, he told me he loves me and the love will wax stronger if we start having sex. He said he will like to show his love to me physically and since I love him, I accepted and gave him my virginity.

I get so used to having sex with him with or without protection; I wasn’t as dedicated to my school work as I used to be which made me fail some courses. In fact I moved to his apartment and we started leaving together as couples. During this period David still used to check up on me but we were not that close as we used to be because of Desmond, he doesn’t like seeing me with any other guy. The first and the last time it happened, he flogged me for it with his belt and I cried all through the night but that doesn’t stop him from having sex with me that night, I was crying and he is having sex with me at the same time.

Everything David and my friends keep telling never entered my ears, I always finish the conversation with, they won’t understand and that I really love him, its true love and I can’t leave him. Sometimes my friends will confront Desmond and I still end up being the one to suffer for it.

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When Desmond was in his final year last semester in school, I was in my year three second semester. I got pregnant for him; he told me to abort it that he doesn’t have anything to do with me. He told me everything that happened between him and I was just normal school thing. I was sad when I heard this, I told my friends what he said they threatened to go with me and embarrass him and sense to his head. They even asked me if I have his mum’s number or any of his family member so we can call them and tell them everything.

I don’t have any of his family members number and I don’t want my friend to shout on me either because I know it won’t help the situation, it will only make it worse. I decided to do it my own way which Is to beg him and tell him I truly love him.

Around 1am that night I woke him up and begged him I want to have a discussion with him, I was on my knee all through crying , begging him I don’t want to abort the baby and that I truly love him with all my heart. I was shocked when he held me close to him, he said I’m very sorry for making you cry, I didn’t mean what I said, I will take responsibility of my child and we will get married later. He brought me closer to his chest and I slept off on his chest very happy.

It was the final exam of the semester; final year students were happy, shouting and celebrating around school that they are now a graduate. I was happy for my Desmond too and we celebrated it we sex. Everything was back to normal until like 3days later I got back home from school and met Desmond absence, all his cloth, bags everything gone that was the last thing I know.

Where am I? is the question I asked David who sat beside me, in the hospital he said, your friend Janet called me yesterday evening that you were rushed here after you fainted. It was then I start to remember all what happened a day before and busted out crying.

So you were pregnant and you didn’t tell me David said, I couldn’t say anything. Well the doctor said you lost the pregnancy and that even made me cry the more because I was sad and happy at the same time with everything that has happened to me and seeing David beside me at the hospital.

Have paid the hospital bill David said, we just hope they will discharge you soon and before I forget let me call Janet to inform her you are awake, she left to get you something to eat when you wake up.

After the whole scenario David still wanted to date me but I turned him down and begged him to forgive me and that I can’t date him anymore with all the shame have put myself into and he knows about it. I told him I will prefer I date and get married to a neutral person who didn’t witness everything but hear it through my mouth. I know its true love you have for me but I was just a fool and have learnt my lesson. Thank you for being there for me David

My name is Jenifer and this is my story about true love

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  1. Things happen sha. I can’t takke it when a guy shouts @ me talk more beating! He dares not! If u ask me en,a guy treats a lady according. 2 d hand d lady gives him

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