The Lost Pride 1 (Who Says You Can’t Find Love Again?)

The Lost Pride 1 (Who Says You Can't Find Love Again?)


My name is Maria. From Anambra state. I reside in Onitsha . Am 35 years old, Happily married with two adopted children. The older one three years, the younger just a year old. My husband is 45. Before marriage, my husband was Gay, and me, a Lesbian.

I grew up in a monogamous Christian God fearing family with a supportive mother and father. We are a family of seven and I am the youngest. I have two brothers and two sisters before me, all happily married. As my parents, we all dreamed of having a fulfilling family, raising kids of our blood as that we grew up in. As you already know, not all dreams come through.

My dad brought us up in a way that helped us face life on our own from the age twenty. Whenever any of us gained admission to a higher institution, he will tell us to start planning, leaving on our own on graduation. After graduating from Nnandi Azikiwe University with a second class in Business Administration, I got posted to the north to serve. On return, my dad helped me set up a clothing business in Onitsha which am still managing till date.

I have always loved singing in front of the church from my youth days, so I joined a commission in Onitsha which is an extension of the church I grew up in.

My mum was disflowered by my dad on their wedding night, so I made a vow to myself to only give myself to the man that will marry me. This gave me several names of which sister MARY was the most prominent.

Being faithful in my service to the church’s choir raise me to the position of Choir Mistress within two years, alongside a brother in the choir whom I have always admired, and prayed to GOD to be my husband.
Stephen had always been the guy in the choir that every girl eyed. Maybe its because of his perfect physique complemented with his unique blend of fashion, haircut, good sense of humour, and his architectural engineering job, that pose him as the young university graduate that own a bungalow designed by his hands.

What he did with other girls in church wasn’t my business until we began working together as Choir Master and Choir Mistress. On several occasions when I visit him to know how he was doing, I will see him with different girls in church. When I threatened to report him to our pastor, he promised me he would change but continued. On one occasion when I enquired why he won’t change, he told me the only girl that can change him is me and in the process asked me out.
At first, I declined. When he kept insisting, I obliged on the condition that he would stop seeing other girls. This he promised and stopped seeing other girls in church. When I suggested we make our relationship known to the pastor, he suggested we do it when we are ready for marriage. This I agreed to.

One day, he made sexual advances towards me when we were alone in his house, I declined till I was forced to reveal to him that I was a virgin. He acted surprised and told me he had never met a virgin and in that instance, proposed to me. Trusting him, I agreed and allowed him have me after promising to make our relationship and our marriage intentions known to our pastor.
Several weeks passed with us having Unprotected sex and me taking the pregnancy prevention pills that he recommended, still he made no move but kept insisting we will do it at the right time.

One Tuesday afternoon after sexual intimacy, our pastors eldest daughter who just came back from her youth service, visited without notice and met me on his T shirt. This led to a scene of strong verbal exchange that led to her calling me a prostitute and him a shameful liar.
Out of anger, I left the house without taking my pregnancy prevention pills and didn’t contact him for two weeks or bother going to church. He didn’t bother as well. I didn’t get a single phone call from him. Symptoms of fever started hitting me. I felt like I was losing control of my body as sometimes I will feel dizzy and throw off, so I went to the hospital for check up. To my greatest surprise, the doctor confirmed me a week pregnant. Surprised, I decided to contact Stephen and inform him about it only to get the news that he has proposed to the pastors daughter and that they will be getting married in a week time.

I braced confidence and confronted him to accept the pregnancy and call of the wedding with the pastors daughter but he denied being responsible for the pregnancy. This made me resolved to contacting our pastor , revealing everything about our relationship to him in tears. He comforted me as a father and promised to do something about it.
On sunday before the whole congregation, he presented a. Well drafted sermon about me and made an announcement that I have been excommunicated from the church.
Heart broken, I resolved to terminating the pregnancy and in the process, I lost my womb.

Until I met my husband Uchechi, I hated the church, and men in general. This was what led to people thinking I was a LESBIAN.
How I accepted my husband, well. That’s another story.

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By @TanroseDflyboy.
Real name – Anomuogharan Tanrose Godwin.

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  1. Touching writeup.we need to be very careful in life.That choir master was not a true servant of God. God will help us in this life.

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