The History Box (All About The Past)


The History Box (All About The Past)

The title of this movie is the history box, it’s a story about three young guys , they are friends, good looking, doing fine in their various works, they are of marriage age about to settle down and they are in a lovely and happy relationship.

One day one of them was having a conversation with his girlfriend when they were together on the couch when he proposed, the lady was shocked, she wasn’t expecting it and it resulted in them having a deep talk. She started by telling him that she knows he’s cheating on her. He was surprised because he wasn’t sure where it’s coming from


What really happened is, there was a day the guy left his phone on the centre table in the living room, a call came him with the name PAT on the screen , she didn’t say anything about it to the boyfriend, she kept it in mind and was boiling, sad about it. She decided in her mind to pay back her boyfriend, so she went out with her ex which they had unprotected sex and she’s now pregnant.

Don’t forget that all this confession happened on the day he proposed to her, she wanted justification for her actions. She told him you cheated on me but the shocking thing is, the person behind that name PAT was a guy, the boyfriends friend. Without me talking any further you all should be able to guess what will happen next. He broke up with her the same day he proposed.

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He told his two friends what transpired and that he’s now single, it was painful, they consoled him even though they still laugh about it. It was this that inspired the case of them asking about the past, going to the history of their girlfriends which the remaining two guys accepted to do maybe they will be able to handle it. Although they were scared of what the outcome maybe.

They thought about it for days before one of the remaining two friends summoned the courage to ask his girlfriend about the past. This is what he found out, his girlfriend dated older men when she was in school, she dated lots of them, she got pregnant few times, had an abortion and now she has no womb because she lost her womb in the last abortion she had. Plus she’s so into dating older men that she doesn’t enjoy the relationship with her age brackets men.

This left the boyfriend speechless, he couldn’t say anything, obviously he doesn’t know the right things to say. The girlfriend stood up, packed her bags and left the house. He called his friends, they consoled him also, pitied him and cheered him up. But at this point the last friend was so scared to the brim, the whole situation has not done him any good rather it has caged him in the world of fear. He wanted to know the past, he wanted to go to the history, but at the same he was so scared of what the past might have for him. So he went on thinking about it, having sleepless night but he doesn’t have the courage to ask

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His wedding date has been fixed, there is no going back, maybe that was he couldn’t summon the courage to ask his fiancee about the past. He loves her, he couldn’t do without her, so that should be enough to overlook the past even though he couldn’t take how the picture of the past might look like from his mind.

The D day is here, one of his friends couldn’t make it, he had a contract call so he had to travel. Well, the wedding is now over, time for honeymoon but this my friend still couldn’t take the past of his mind, I bet it was on his mind throughout the wedding ceremony. They are already married, it’s a for better for worse marriage, through the rain, through the sun and storm marriage. He summoned the courage to finally ask and this what he got.

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His wife was a mobile prostitute, he moves from hotel to hotel , from club to club. Had series of abortion but she didn’t lose her womb in the process and the shocker of it all is that one of his friends has slept with her. Yes the one the missed the wedding.

My questions are

1. If you were to be the husband, what will you do?

2. Is it advisable to ask for our partners past and go back all the to the history box?

3. What’s your opinion on these?

pls drop your comments below

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