“Boy, i observed you are always the first to show interest in all the new ladies that got employed to this company but they always end up with the other guys. Rumours have it that the new girl on industrial Training Sophia, dished you for Gbenga the newly promoted Admin Officer. If am not mistaken, we had about 20 ladies on interim and Industrial Training this year. They all passed through your table. You got along with them well but they all turned you down when you made the move to date them and ended up with the other guys that were only in to them for the fun. Not to talk of the other permanent staffs that have turned you down as well. You need a change next work year and i will show you how. ”
My boss shocked me after inviting me into his office for the first time for a cup of coffee during our end of year get together, after two years of working with me. Last time we had this chit chat was when i faced him for interview. Other times, i just greet him whenever he coMes to the office. He would knod and wave like a passer by telling a begger he has nothing for him today. Another time I had the privilege of being in his presence was during our routine weekly work meetings on which i kept quiet until my opinion was required. He always asked for my opinion to the surprise of everyone.
To my colleagues i am the least person that our boss should be giving attention aside when he wants me to help him troubleshoot any challenge his computer develope. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, its what i do. I am a certified computer engineer that specialises in software and hardware installation and maintainance, and a geek at it. But i did not get my certificate from a formal institution. I got it from an Information Technology (IT) Firm. Why am the least person on our companies payroll. I also Specialise in website developMent and maintainance. You can call me an all-inclusive IT Spealist. I handle all the computer related problems of our Insurance Firm.

Before i released a word from my stuttering mouth, he continued.

“You are the most hardworking staff we have in this company. You should be earning more than you earn now but you dont complain. I love your attitude towards work so am going to help you out. Many with your background would have given up after secondary school but you found something you loved and went for it. You may not have a degree as my other staffs you have the smartest brain so am not going to allow you waste it over a low self esteem caused by how people see you. I see how they treat you and how you have accepted that they are better than you and you cant enjoy the pride that comes from being the ladies man. Your life is missing one thing and its what am going to give you?

“What is it sir? What is my life missing? ”
I asked wondering attentively

“You need an upgrade in your status. And do away with that believe that you have to chase the ladies. You dont have to. Focus on improving your life and status, the ladies you are chasing now, that are turning you down will start making advances at you. That time they will no longer be in your class and taste of women.”

“I dont understand sir.”

“What i mean is, grow on the ladder. Dont only work here, work part time for other companies. It will give you more money. More money will give you a better apartment and better life. In the prrocess you will meet more people that will connect you to others that need your service. The more you offer your services to people, the better life you will get. Dont worry about the connections, i already told a few friends about you. You will start meeting them soon as we resume the new working year. I bet you, all these ladies that are turning you down now will be chasing you. You know why? Rich guys dont spend time chasing ladies, their status speak for them. You are living in a one roon apartment and want a girl that have the option of guys living in a self contain or miniflat, with a private car provided to them by the company to opt for you, in the name of love? Never. Put yourself in their shoes, who would you go for? You in your one room apartment or the other guy? Its already obvious so i know your answer. Your experiences answer my question. Son, its time for your upgrade.”

Short of words to express my excitement and calm as someone that had ice water poured on him on a very cold day, i didnt know when the words,
“Thank you sir.” Came out of My mouth.
“You are worth it. you know why i took interest in you? I see a youth with a lot of potentials in you that is pursuing the wrong thing at the right time. I said the right time because its the normal thing to do at your age. Your CV says you are 27 its the age a guys starts thinking he should get a serious relationship that will lead to marriage at a later age. Why you were chasing those girls. Yes you should have a serious relationship Or a girlfriend but not with your current Status. You need a better life. You dont want to raise a child that will end his education at the level you did. If you do then you are a failure as a dad. You should focus on building a family better than the one you grow up in, chasing girls and getting turned down like you do will make you start thinking less of yourself, there by killing your potentials. A better life will get these girls you are chasing now, chasing you. Your colleagues that they choose over you dont treat them better than you would have, do they?

“No sir.”

“You are the nicest staff in this office. You get along with everyone and never had a problem with anyone. It makes you the best person in this office any sensible lady that wants a good man should date. Then why do the girls prefer the other guys over you? Its simple, a better life and status. They have a better life and status than yours. Let me tell you a thing about ladies, EVERY LADY DESIRE TO LIVE A COMFORTABLE LIFE. Its why they will always prefer a RICH GUY to a POOR and STRUGGLING GUY no matter how bad the RICH GUY treat them. Do you know i was once like you? Differences is my parents had enough to see me through my higher education till i bagged a Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Accounting. I worked for some years and saved enough that got me a masters in Business Administration that landed me in this position as your boss. Difference between us is, i got the girls but they always leave me for richer guys. They last one that pissed me off and made me worked harder till i became the one stealing peoples girl Until i decided to settle down, was between me and one Kelly girl. I so loves her that i never thought she could cheat on me. I was very nice to her doing everything she wanted even sending her half of my sallary to help her through her education. Then she was in 200 level i was working as a cashier at a bank. I helped her through her edUcation till she graduated. All through our relationship, she never allowed me touch her. According to her, its the way i will prove i loved her and am serious to marry her. I waited till she graduated and moved in with me, even hooked her up to work in another branch of our bank. Not too far from mine. Daily i will hire a taxi that will take us both home. One weekend she told me she was traveling to go see her parents i asked to go with her and meet my inlaws to be, she applauded the idea but posted it to another time which i agreed to then gave her some money to buy something for her parents courtesy me. She kissed and bid me goodbye. Later that day, a friend of mine that went to go see a football match at a hotel some where inside town called me that i should come see my Kelly with another guy. I told him Kelly traveled home to see her parents, he laughed and asked that i come confirm that what he was telling me was true. I hesistated a while and them dressed up to meet him and clear my doubts. Guess what? My Kelly that told me she was going home to see her parents was seated on the laps of the Son of the MD of her branch of our bank, whO happen to be her colleague. The most shocking thing was she did not even move or made attempt to get up from his laps when she saw me. Guess what she said when i confronted her? She said the fact that she is living with me doesnt mean am her parents. Out of anger, i hit her. It led to a fight between my MDs son friends and mine. That landed me and my friend in a police Station for two days until we were released. When i got home, i discovered she has moved her things to the guys house. The worst one was i got a sack letter when i got to the office. It was worked by the guys father. According to them, i was sacked for voilently attacking a fellow colleague. I managed to get another job here and worked myself up the ladder gaining my masters on part time. I never dated another girl until i got my first flat and a car. Things changed with that. I became the heart breaker. I was the one choosing whose girl to stay in my life and the one to leave. But a man is got to settle down and raise a family sometimes for he wont be young forever. Here i am now as a father of three with a woman i dont regret choosing as the one that the others must leave for. Why am i telling you thhis again? You need to work up your life to that place where you wont have to confess your feelings to ladies before you get them interested in you. This is the right time. Always remember this, in fact make it your creed as you begin your new work life next working year…… POOR GUYS PREACH LOVE, RICH GUYS GET LOVE. Note, dont work your way up the ladder because you want to attract the girls. Work your way up the ladder becuse it is the right thing to do now to secure a better family for yourself, your wife to be, and your children to come. Something much more better than the one you grew up in. Come with me son”

He took me out of his office to where my other colleagues in the office were eating and drinking to a successful year, and called the attention of everyone.

“Am glad you are all enjoying the party. What a Successful year we have had. Thanks to the efforts of everyone. We will be having some new developmentS next year. Beginning from January next year, Femi here will be my personal assistant. None of you will reach me directly. All files to my office must get through him. In my absence he will be carrying out my duties. Please Co-operate with him. I wish Everyone a Fulfilling holiday . ”

Everyone was surprised at the news they just heard from the MD. For the sake of office peace, i got a lot of fake embrace and congratulations. Some of them didn’t hide their disapproval of the BOSS choice. Even in their fake smiles and congratulatory messages you can still read their not being happy for me. What can they do? The boss has chosen me, nothing can be done about it.

That night, while i was in my bed thinking about the new life waiting for me in the new year, i got a special congratulatory message from Sophia, apologizing for leaving me earlier on for our Admin Officer Gbenga. She asked to come visit me the next day to hangout if i dont mind. Off courses i mind. I replied i wont be around. Evidence of a new beginning.

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