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I am a fool. The worst fool to ever walk this earth. That’s what you will call me after going through my story. I know there are a lot of ladies out there who are about to make the same mistake I made so I have to share this.

I am Patricia. Friends call me Tricia. I have a wide taste for men. My kind is the ones with swag, class, style, and poise. You know them. Guys you don’t tell what to do before they do it. Guys that bring out that hidden whore in you, guys that know all the happening places in town, the ones that take you on adventures that will make you think the relationships will last for a life time, guys with sugar mouth.

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But as the taste of sugar doesnÂ’t last long in the mouth, so are my relationship with them don’t last long.

They know I am not the only one that loves sugar so when they are done with exploring all they could with me; they leave me for another girl. Still, I kept on with my taste and got the same result until I met Franklin a construction engineer.

Franklin was all a lady should desire for a husband. He loved, cared, understand, and very simple. One that you will call a perfect guy, different from the other guys in my past I knew he was not my type from the beginning, but I decided to give him a chance to taste his kind.
He does everything moderately, which was one problem I had with him. As a lady that loves adventures, I found it hard to get along with him but he does his best to please me which was one thing I respect about him. He was ready to let go his stiff and unadventurous way of approaching life to do whatever I wanted provided we got along. He told me he had been looking for a girl that will bring out the explorer in him and I was the perfect one. Everything in our relationship started working out except sex.

I tried adjusting to his pace in different positions whenever we had sex but I did not feel him in me. We watched some porn movies together and even used Viagra which he wasn’t comfortable with, I still didn’t feel him like I used to feel the other guys. I knew the problem was my taste for sex but I wasn’t ready to adjust. He must be the one to adjust if he must keep me, after all I am doing him a favour, I thought. We kept trying until I went to my formal way of living.

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I started seeing other guys to satisfy my crave for wild sex. Rumours went around but Franklin didn’t care even though he knew they were true. I stopped having sex with him on the excuse that I needed time to figure a way we will connect sexually. Then, I met Kelly an IT (information technology) specialist as he told me. Kelly was like the other guys, a sex unicorn. He was always with his computers day and night. He had ambitions of travelling to America and starting a family there with me but he didn’t have enough money so we devised a way to get the needed cash from Franklin.

Franklin was scheduled to travel with his boss in the office to Ghana for a construction contract that will last for six months. He asked that I come with him but I refused and asked to stay back so he gave me the spare key to his duplex. While he was gone, I collaborated with Kelly and sold all the properties in his duplex. I almost sold his Camry. Not for the fact that the buyer asked for the car documents it would have been gone as well. The money gathered from the sale was deposited in Kelly’s account after making some traveling arrangements. A week to the set date of departure, I tried contacting Kelly but to no avail, only to get a call from him through an international number telling me to forget about him and move on with my life.
I couldn’t kill myself; neither could I face Franklin, so I left Lagos for my home town Benin to start a new life after contacting Franklin to ask for his forgiveness. He made it clear he will never forgive me. I don’t know if he has. I still have a hole in my heart that I am struggling to heal. May be letting it out would heal me.

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You are already calling me names. May be you are not. I hope you learn from me.

Franklin if you get this I am truly sorry. I hope you forgive me.

Patricia Tricia

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