I Thought My Lonely Days Are Gone



They are his friends from childhood. Does all within his power to help his friends. Never met anyone like him. When he finally did, struggles of life made them part. He lost his mum at the time he needs her most. He is always contented with what he has even though his heart tells him he deserves more.

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Loved by girls for his cleverness and attitude but he never allowed youthful lust carry him away. Then the time came when he started feeling lonely. He turns to his friends who flirt. Their advice, he needs a girl.

First girl he had abused him so he decided never to fall inlove again. Lured by the same friends to continue, he met jane. Jane seem a perfect match for him but she was always pesting him for s*x. Went to his friends to complain, to his greatest surprise they mocked him and called him a fool.

Didn’t seem right for him so he went solo. Friends started avoiding him and calling him names. This he couldn’t bear so he went back to jane. Jane accepted him back with full hands, so did friends but deep inside him, a war his conscience always win.

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Finally, he did what jane had been requesting for. Now you are a man, said jane and his friends. Two months later, jane came to him pregnant. That’s not possible. I used condom, he said. That i know, how it happened i cant tell. Answered jane.

He went to his friends for advice. Their suggestion, abortion. He bought the idea. So did jane. After six hours in the hospital with his friends, the doctor came out sad. Jane is gone, he said with no words from his mouth. Again, his loneliness came back. What should we do now? He ask his friends. It is your cross. Carry it alone. They answered him and left the hospital. Again, his loneliness came but with a lesson. Too bad, it came late.

A life is already lost and mr lonely is being held for it. What should he do?

LESSON = Do not engage in any activity that you know your heart doesn’t accept because others are doing it or you’re lonely. We all are heading towards different paths. What will suit me might not suit you.

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