How I Picked My Wife and Almost Lost My Life


My name is David, and I am 35 years old, I am a Christian and even a choir in my church. I am very active in church, I rarely miss Sunday service. Maybe it’s because of my dedication to God that made him give me a second chance.

This is the story of my life, I will like for everybody to learn through me so they won’t make the same mistake I made. I was ready to get married, but I don’t really believe in praying and waiting on God to give me my wife  my bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh, I decided to pick my wife myself. There is nothing new in it people do it I won’t be the first and I won’t be the last.

Sister Faith is a worker in the church also, when it comes to beauty, she has got it. Everybody in the church knows and I am very sure I am not the only person in the church admiring her. She talks softly, very hardworking, she doesn’t reject any work given to her in the church and also very diligent and dedicated to her work. [Also Read: How To Deal With Conflicts In A Relationship]

Have been nursing her in my mind and heart for a while until finally I decided to summon courage and try my luck with her because I know she’s the perfect woman for me. I told her about my intentions and feelings towards her, she accepted. I was so happy and joyful, feeling on top of the world, little did I know that it will be the most regrettable day of my life.

I was ready to get married so no wasting of time, we started courting and I took her to my family for them to know her, she also took me to her family that are alive and necessary for me to know.

After like 3months into our courtship, we decided to inform the pastor about it because we will soon be picking our wedding date and he must know about it. On Sunday after Sunday service we went to the pastor to tell him. I can’t forget that day, the pastor asked me three times, have you prayed about it? Is it Gods will for you? And I answered him back three times too yes I have prayed about it and it’s Gods Will, I knew I was deceiving myself but I didn’t feel any remorse because I strongly believe I was doing the right thing. He asked the lady also but just once and she said yes. He prayed with us and told us to set the ball rolling. [Reas Also: Are You Heart Broken? Follow This Steps To Heal Your Heart


After 7months of both courting and preparation we got married, it was a wonderful day, I danced and danced, it was like I won lotto, the people present at the wedding could see the joy in me what was on my mind was; finally she is my wife. It’s all over; we went for thanksgiving on Sunday before we embarked on our honey moon.

The honeymoon was over and we are back to church to continue our usual activities. Few months has passed the whole church were expecting me to put on some weight as that’s the normal tradition for men after marriage, but instead of me to put on weight I was losing weight. It was this that triggered the concern of the brothers, pastor and ministers in church

After some time they couldn’t hold it anymore, they had a meeting and sent 3 brothers to me to ask me what is going on. I couldn’t say anything all I could tell them is they should follow me to my house and they will be sleeping over.

They agreed to follow me, I took them to my house when my wife wasn’t home I locked them inside the guest room so my wife won’t be aware they are in the house. They were worried they don’t know what’s going on, I calmed them down told them not to make any sound or talk so my wife won’t know.

It was later in the night I walked slowly to the room where I locked them in, told them to follow me slowly without saying anything, we all walked slowly to me and my wife’s room they were confused they don’t understand what’s happening. My wife was in the shower so I took them to the bathroom on getting there they could not believe what they saw, it was a very big python in the shower; they shouted Jesus it caught her attention she tried to attack them. To God be the glory the prayer overpowered her she couldn’t change back to her human form she left the house a snake.

I couldn’t but give thanks to God for his mercy and grace, I know I was saved by him he gave me a second chance, he loves me please join me in giving thanks to God for saving me from my own choice of a wife; my wife

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