How to Turn The Adversity to Motivation For Your Good

how to run adversity to motivation for your good
Overcome the difficulties

His father played for sixteen years as a professional in the MBA, basketball was happening all around him from childhood. He loved it, played it and like his father his dream was to go all the way to the élite league. As a child he was the best in his grade, out playing his classmates and brilliantly scoring fantastic goals in the process. His brilliant performance continued in junior and high school, but midstream trouble came; his size negated his passion.

They began to tell him he can’t do it, that he didn’t have what it takes to make impact in the game, he was too small they said. To make up for his weakness he had to develop his strength with long distance shooting and fast movement, that meant long hours of practice and shooting that was so intense he brother wept for him. “Regular people do regular things, you’re not regular” his coach will say to him while practicing. Going forward only the unknown schools would consider, he wasn’t good enough for the big guys. He was fortunate to get a scholarship into Davidson College, a school he said nobody knew about.

He was small, frail and not tall enough, his first summer in college was hell, with hours of practice under the tutelage of his father. It was tough, it was gruesome and demanding but if he had to achieve his dream, he was going to have to do more to master his shoot. With the encouragement of his father and the inspiration of his coach he broke through and by senior year he name was a household name because of his massive scoring average.

Everyone was talking about him and soon he had to be provided security because of the mob of the crowd. In 2009 he got his chance to play in NBA when he was drafted by the Golden State Warriors. His performance in that season was amazing finishing second in the year to year voting.

adversity to motivation

The next two seasons was quiet because of an ankle injury that kept him away for six rehabilitation. During that period he confident never waned and he never stopped believing that his dream will come to pass. Coming back in 2012 he pick up with a trail blazing performance that took his team to top and eventually won it for them in the 2015 season; it was their first trophy in forty years! Nobody gave him a chance to do it, but he said I had to turn my adversity into a motivation. I took what they said and used it and as a motivation to play more and do more. So who is this guy? He is the Stephen Curry the Most Valuable Player of the 2015 season in the NBA.

Do you have a dream? Do you have a vision? Do you have a goal in your mind that you want to achieve? Maybe you were told you couldn’t do it because of certain attributes you did or did not possess, you don’t have to quit. No! You don’t have to give up on your dreams, turn it around! Do what Curry did, use it as a motivation.Every weakness is a strength of some sort, open your eyes and pay attention to the strength in your weakness.

The reason why so many people quit is because they focus too much on what they are lacking. Everything you need to succeed is inside you already, you may have dig and work harder than you have ever worked in life to bring them up, but don’t you quit now. Pay the price! Stretch yourself, remember “regular people do regular things but you are not regular” so raise the stakes and improve your game. Answer your critics with a higher level of dedication and a deeper level of commitment to your dream.

Steve Curry has a mindset which he emblazoned on his shoes with a marker back in high school “I can do all things” and today as a superstar his shoe laces have these words printed on them. What do you say to yourself? Who has the final say in your life? When the crowd goes quiet, what do you say to yourself? Your life is bound to the quality of your thinking, you have to think it to see it and until you see it you can’t seize it. Anything is possible to the man who believes he can. Believe in yourself! You are unstoppable and unbreakable! Turn that adversity around, maximize that problem for your expansion. Remember every problem has buried it the seed of greatness. Your adversity is your advantage in disguise, turn it around.

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