If you had the opportunity to choose between a house full of money and a house full of ideas with which the richest men in the world made their wealth, which would you go for? The house full of money or the house full of ideas?
Once upon a time, the richest man in the world who had two sons both twin and well educated, working under him, discovered he was dying. He had a medical condition that no physician in the world could resolve. Being wealthy and known for his wealth and contribution to society, he hired all the best physician in the world he could and promised to reward any physician or group of physician that can come up with a solution to his health problem, with a great some of money to the worth of half his properties.
The physicians went to work and from time to time came up with substances that did not help his condition. Rather than improved his health, the substances they came up with, deteriorated his health. Time and time passed still they couldn’t come up with a solution to his health challenge. One day, one of the physicians did a thorough examination of his body and discovered he only had seven more days to live.
At first, he didn’t want to make his discovery known to the rich man. Nobody wants to be told that they will die when they have all the resources at hand to stay alive. But then, the seven days is seven days. For time waits for no man, nor respects anyone’s status in life. So, he made his discovery known to the rich man. Rather than get angry with life for treating him so unfairly, the rich man thanked the physician and other physicians that had been working very hard to save his life and rewarded them with huge sums of money. Two days later, he summoned both of his sons and informed them about the discovery of the physician and gave them two options with which they had three decisions to make. The two options:His wealth is in two categories, his worth in an amount of money, and his library containing the ideas with which he became the richest man in the world and maintain that status. The decisions they had to make: they had to choose one of them. Both of them can choose the money and sell the library and add the money raised from selling the library to the amount of money he is worth now or one of them will choose the money worth, the other the library, or they will both choose the library and share the money equally. They have only two days to come to a conclusion. The rest three days of his life he wants to spend with them and everyone that has been good to him over the years, reminiscing the good times he had with them feasting and enjoying the best of food, wine, and music.
At the end of the two days, both of his sons came to him that they have made a decision. The eldest one chose the library, the younger one chose his money. Their father blessed their decisions and willed to them what they both chose. Everyone that heard about the will called the first son a fool for choosing the library. His girlfriend left him. Three days later, the rich man passed away and was given a befitting burial by his sons, family members, and friends.
Ten years later, the second son had left their town to another town to establish himself as a successful businessman owning several business to his name, his elder brother was still struggling to make something out of the library. All his friends left him when they advise him to sell the library and ask his brother for financial help to set himself up but he refused and sticked to making something of himself from the library. One day, a strong wind struck the sea in the town where his brother reside and washed the sea to the town, destroying the town and every property in it, leaving residents of that town stranded and homeless. When the water dried down, his elder brother contacted the government of that town that he could help rebuild the town and put a measure in place to prevent such incident from occurring in the future. the contract was awarded to him. With the knowledge he gained from the library, he supervised the rebuilding of the town and put measures in place to prevent the disaster from occurring in the future in less than a year to the amusement of everyone. That gave him more construction contracts. Within two years, his construction company became the best in the world that they had a branch in every major city of the world. Seeing that he was now well established, his younger brother came to him for help to start up something for himself again. He offered him the same options their late dad offered the both of them. This time, his younger brother chose the library. He had learnt his lesson, that you can loose money and never recover it but you can’t loose knowledge gained except to death.

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