Being extra talented and not having the money to promote yourself to the extent of making money with your talent and not having anyone to turn to for help, is one of the most frustrating thing that can happen to anyone .
I am among the few that discovered their talents very early. As early as the age of eight, I have always known that I was born for the entertainment industry. At that age I was already miming rap songs by 2pac,the notoriously BIG, and other rappers of the eighties. It continued through my secondary school days. Everyone I meet applauded my way with words and how I could recite rap lines like I was eating my favourite food, so they encouraged me to keep it up. But I had one challenge, no money to make it professional and no agent to help the talent out. So I dropped it and carried on with my studies to an higher institution to study Fine Art at a polytechnic . It wasn’t my choice course. I wanted Mass Communication but I got Fine Art. I didn’t like it at first but I got to love it because it opened me to other creative talents I have not discovered, including writing. There I met a lot of talented people that led me to the art again. Then the frustration and challenges came in again so I didn’t take it serious but everyone I met over there applauded my way with words.
After my days in the polytechnic, I had more time to explore this new talent I discovered. It was then that the online community became a trend. Luckily for me, I got a job working at a cyber Cafe. This gave me more time to write. I became an online addict spending most of my time on Facebook. There I met a lot of people that brushed my writing and made me a write addict. Among the people I met online were some young talented rappers that run a rap battle group, and some poets that help me grew as a rapper, POET and writer. When it was time to go for my HND, I discovered a film school has just been opened in my state. They promised to give their students the exposure they needed. “This is all I have been praying for. ” I said to my self and forfeited my HND for that school.
At the school, I thrived as I met a lot of talented people that motivated me. I had some opportunities to showcase my rap skills and writing talents which were applauded. Everyone called me the best rapper of my set and a writer to watch out for but I had a lot of expectations of the school that they didn’t meet.
They did not give us the exposure as promised. They only showed us how to become stars. Having the expectations of someone who thought he was in the land where his dreams would come through, I became frustrated and showed my frustration. They took some steps to remedy their plans but it wasn’t enough. I would have given up everything but the tuition was very expensive and I have already passed to my final year hoping things would be better, so I continued. The talented people I met there also encouraged me to continue, so I continued till I managed to graduate.
It’s very frustrating when you keep trying all you can positively to achieve your dreams but its all to no avail, and you don’t have enough money to get yourself the exposure you need. A lot of the times, when this happen, we abandon the dream and settle for something else. You have to feed, pay bill, take care of yourself, buy fresh clothes and shoes after you have used the old ones for years, and take care of other important needs like paying rents and other things. These things require money, you know. Your parents have given you the needed education you require to stand on your own that you are no longer comfortable going to them for money, so you get a job. If it’s not paying as it should you don’t care. At the end of each year, you will discover that you have nothing in your account after you have met these needs. You will begin another year again hoping to save. Same thing will happen over and over again. Before you know it, you are no longer that person that started the dream. Age is beginning to tell on you. You will start telling yourself to accept the fact that your dream is impossible to achieve. Hence, many of us give up on our dreams and repeat this circle, working to make ends meet till the inevitable one, death, comes for us.
Many of us along the line start families that will go through the same routine, and die thesame way we do. In some exceptional cases, luck shine on our children and they escape this routine giving us the life we dreamed of at our Old age, but this time a lot of us would be too old to enjoy it. A lot of us might not even live to see our children achieve this feet. What do we do then? Should we keep chasing our dreams till our old age without starting a family which is everyone’s expectation of us, or we should give up on our dreams if this circle start repeating itself and settle for the family life? The choice is for every individual to choose.

For me, I will keep chasing it till I get what I want from life. I know I have a lot of things to contend with, the biggest ones being hunger, people calling me names like lazy and crazy, not having enough money, and being a liability to people.
I will continue even if I face worse. Because deep inside, I am happy with myself. My happiness is my goal right now and I will go for it. Call me crazy, I am crazy. I know I need money. I have done all I can to get it even going public to ask for help from friends and family members but no one has responded. Should I say I don’t have friends and relatives? Should I say I am alone in this world? Yes. Am alone, but in the world of my dreams. Nobody sees where am headed like me, I am the one with the vision and dreams, and I am the one to make them see it. I will keep pushing it until they see it, even if they don’t see it. I see it. My happiness is my pride now.
No one knows when he will leave this world. At least if I leave this world I will leave happy. It’s a risk I will take. I am not dying with these talents. I will use them all up. I am not going to join the statistics of people that makes the grave yard the richest place in the world. I will leave this world emptying everything GOD bless me with. I don’t care if I die of hunger. It would be a good one. At least I give my dreams my best shot. Used them as I could, even though I wish I could reach out to more people and achieve my dreams now that am young. Nothing is more sweeter in this life like achieving your dreams at a young age….

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