How To Turn Your Creative Thinking From Blah Into Fantastic

How To Turn Your Creative Thinking From Blah Into Fantastic
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God gave us an uncompleted world so we enjoy the beauty of creativity.

Creative thinking requires you to go into your imaginary box, and bringing the pictures you see in the imaginary box to the physical. Within each and every human being is a portion of divinity, we are wired to function like God at creation.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will” – George Bernard Shaw

We are created to continue the process of creation; that is the ultimate responsibility of each one of us. The measure of development and transformation you see on any part of the globe is a reflection of the measure of responsibility taken by the people located there.

You have a creator inside of you which is the power house of creative thinking, you may not necessarily be an inventor like Albert Einstein or Henry Ford and their likes but you can do something too.

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Try to create a business that will make life easier for people, start a company that reduces the rate of unemployment.

Some of the problems existing today still exist, because the men and women who was sent here to solve them did nothing about them. Some of them were too busy chasing money to think of creativity, are you one of them?

Twelve year old Richard Turere who stunned a global audience at a TED conference and got an amazing standing ovation hails from a small village in Kenya.

His family business is cattle rearing because they were of the Maasaitribe, but they had a problem. Richards’s family lives behind The Nairobi National Park with one of the largest population of Lions on earth.

The lions became a menace to the community, invading their pens and killing their cows at night, the villagers in return hunt down the Lions by killing them too.

Richard took responsibility to find a solution to the problem, first he began with scarecrows but the Lions were too smart to be fooled, no not forever, after sometime they noticed the scarecrows weren’t moving and business resumed as usual.

To solve the problem of the Lions Richard had to stay up at night walking around the cow pen with a flash light in hand, that way the Lions never came and that was his eureka moment.

Using some scrap materials from faulty electronics at home and a cell battery Richard developed a crude technology to create flashing lights which comes on and off intermittently around the cow pen.

Bingo! The Lions fells for it, by that technology Richard created an illusion that he was walking around the pen while he was fast asleep in bed dreaming of becoming a pilot.

Soon the entire village heard about his technology and came knocking on his door to help, and thus the young village boy became a savior of sort for his community. The cows were safe and the Lions were safe too, it was a win-win solution for everyone involved.

Soon the international community got wind of his amazing discovery and there he was standing in front of a global audience at a TED conference talking about his achievement. Richard was awarded a scholarship in one of the best schools in Kenya and with the support of the international community is right on his way to see his dream of being a Pilot come true.

Creative thinking might be hard sometimes to work on, especially in a situation where it’s still very raw and needs some processing (going through the heat for proper shaping) just like the diamond.

Below are some points that will help you in turning around your creative thinking


In my book “the original duplicate I said “impact cannot be made in a vacuum, you need to find your place, your niche”.

Your gift or potential or talent is what gives you a stake in the economy of life, it is your point of connection to grid of human life. Everyone who is making a difference of some sort in the world is doing so by their gift.

Your gift is a slice of divinity implanted in you for the benefit of mankind and the advancement of the human race.

Until you find your gift you are absolutely irrelevant! Your gift is what you excel at with little or no outside influence or input; it is that thing you do that makes people look at you again and again like a magician.

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Gift don’t come fully formed or developed so when you discover them you have to proceed to the next thing which is polishing.


There are basically two ways to polish your gift, the first is by getting trained under a tutor, and the second is by practice.

Depending on your level of proficiency you might have to sign up for advance training but whether you do get trained or not, practice is non-negotiable.

Genius is the child of drudgery, there’s no shortcut to excellence you have to work at it and keep doing it until it has become a second nature for you.

Don’t leave your gift at a crude level subject it to thorough refining and polishing by training and practice to give you a chance at global competition.

The world is now a global and everything you do must come up to a level of global compliance otherwise you face a threat of been irrelevant.


It is an aberration to hide your gift that way it doesn’t add any value to you or the world around you. Let it shine for the world to see and that may glorify your Father which is in heaven. Impact cannot be made in isolation or in hiding; you have to use your gift for people to know about it.

The best way to market your gift is by solving problems around you, it doesn’t matter whether you are in a village at the backyard of the world your gift will always command attention and make ways for you. Don’t hide your gift use it, even if you have to do things that are below your worth but do all the same.

Remember Rome was not built in day, take whatever opportunities you have to impact and maximize to sell yourself.

It’s time to do something differently, what can you do? Or more appropriately what will you do? The world is waiting on you to hatch that dream and develop that idea you’ve always had.

Nothing is too small to start with, don’t wait till you have an earth shaking dream before you manifest. The richest gold mine in the world is the human mind; Franklin Roosevelt once said “more gold has been mined from the mind of man than any gold mine on earth”.

Tap into the gold mine on your inside and discover the beauty of creativity, a creative mind can never be bored. Boredom is an offspring of an uncreative mind, the best way to kill boredom is to constantly think creatively. Don’t see things the way they are but the way they could be seen. BE CREATIVE

“Creativity is a great motivator because it makes people interested in what they are doing. it gives hope that there can be a worthwhile idea. Creativity gives the possibility of some sort of achievement to everyone. makes life more fun and more interesting.” Edward de Bono

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