The Three Things Every Man Needs from a Woman

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Human wants and needs can’t be satisfied and every man has their different taste and desires in a woman. But no matter what every man’s taste is, they still want these same three things from a woman in their marriage. If every other thing from the woman is good but these three things are missing then, there is every probability that the marriage might witness some problems. So ladies if you want to get married or already married and you want the love in your marriage to wax stronger then you need to know this

The three things every man needs:

man needs support
1 Support: supporting your man is very important and necessary for any woman that wants to enjoy her marriage. Supporting your man goes a long way; a principles woman knows how important supporting her man is. When we say support, it means you have to believe in him and his dreams because it’s not possible for you to support what you don’t believe in. A ladies support must not necessarily be financial, but her soft words of encouragement, helping him in thoughts, telling him how much you believe in him and that you know he can do it. Most women don’t know they have power and control over men that’s why they don’t make use of it. There is a way a lady can softly encourage and tell a man to jump into the ocean and he will do it without him even thinking he will die.

If you’re supporting, you are helping which is why God created woman in the first place. In genesis God said for it’s not good for a man to be alone so I will make him a ‘help meet’ and God created Eve. Ladies I think you can understand your main work in the life of your man now. That’s how God wants it to be, and that’s what man also appreciates. And I know it’s because God created man, knows what a man wants, that what he wants is a help meet, supporter. That’s why he created Eve. As a lady, if you have everything but lack support that might be the reason you are losing your husband

loyal woman
2. Loyalty: this is very important because no man wants a woman that is not loyal as a wife. Loyalty is faithfulness and devotion to a person. What men hate the most is when their woman is unfaithful, they can’t handle it. A man can’t cope with a cheating woman, they feel irritated by her, even the men they cheats with feel the same way but they won’t tell you because of their own selfish interest. And note cheating alone doesn’t show disloyalty, when you talk negative about your man at the back is also not being loyal. That’s why I will tell you if you don’t like his character and integrity, its better you quit the relationship instead of getting married to him and all you do is say every negative things you can think of about him. Trust me there won’t be happiness in this kind of marriage. Men gets very happy when their woman talk good about them, both in front of them and at their back which is why men find loyalty very important in marriage

romance in marriage
3. Sex: when it comes to sex, some people always try to skip the topic and discussion but it’s something you can’t run away from because this has caused problems in many homes. Some couples are getting a divorce just because of lack of sex or unsatisfactory sex, so it’s something we must take serious. And don’t say it’s because they are not believers, I will get married to a man of God or a true Christian so sex won’t be the issue or the problem.

It’s a nice idea but let me tell you something before you think further, even men of God wants sex, have heard and seen situations where a pastor and his wife a pastor (mrs) quarrel on this sex issue so don’t ever think if you get married to a man of God there is no issue because there is and they are so human like every other person, and blood run through their veins also.

One of the things a man need from his woman is sex, so as a wife don’t you refuse your husband sex. This make it sound like it’s the men that enjoys or wants sex the most. Well that’s not true, everybody loves sex just that women want sex while men needs it. Women tend to take longer process to enjoy it than men and that’s why some women always refuse their man because they feel the pleasure isn’t mutual but I’m telling you now that no matter what happens, you should not refuse your man. Its part of the things that make man a man, better still talk to your husband about how you feel instead of denying him of it because he needs it. If you look at it critically, you will discover that need and want has different meanings. Try to study the word ‘NEED’, it will help you understand how your husband feels

As a lady, give all these three things and you are sure of great marriage but don’t forget, you still have to find the right man to offer it to because the wrong man will always take it for granted as usual and break the marriage vow. For single ladies don’t take it that because of this article you should give a man you are dating everything written in this article. Well you can give the first two points but keep the last point sacred till after marriage, it’s for your husband.


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