The Information Age and the Nigeria Network Provider

network provider

We are in an era of information, where people really to keep up with the pace of being informed and re-informed.
We are in the era where people need to learn, unlearn what they have learned and relearn what they now need because what you learnt yesterday might not be useful again today due to the pace at which things are changing.
So people need to be really informed and stay informed for them to meet up with the pace.
Most of this information is being disseminated through the social media. Looking at Linkedin for example, a platform with many professionals looking to learn and meet the best in a field or the other and passing information that can turn people’s life around. This means we need to use the social media often for us not to miss that information that we change our life for good and that’s where the subscription comes to mind

An average Nigerian now uses a #1000 data for 3-4 days and if the person can really manage then he/she uses it for 7days. How are we going to cope with that in this kind of Nigeria economy?

At this age, our network provider should be passed that stage where they must use data or subscription to generate income. We need to be informed and for us to be informed we need to have cheap access to an internet connection. Like 20% if not more than that of what helped in the rapid growth of the developing countries is the information they get through easy access to the Internet at the early age. I am pleading to our network providers to please work on something to further better the subscription tariff they have for us so we can have easy and cheap access to the internet for us for us to stay informed. Please lets share, quote and tag people who matters and have influence so this article can get to the right quarter.

Thank you

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