Why Submission Is The Key to a Successful Marriage For Women

why submission is the key to a successful marriage for women


Love is important but love isn’t the most important, one of the problem in marriages today is caused by the word LOVE. What I don’t understand is how love works in people because you will see a spouse professing love to each other and few minutes later or few days later filled with so much hatred for each other. What happened to I love you they said few days ago?

Have seen couples fighting and separated barely 24 hours after their marriage, what happened to the love of yesterday? Where did the love go? The answer is simple, so many things the couples took for granted like respect, submission, care etc brought the anger and hatred in them which overshadowed the love.

Among the things needed for a successful marriage love is not on top of the list for women, so if a woman decided to put love on top of her list then she has changed the rules and she should face anything that comes out of it.

You just bought a new car and the manual says put water here, put fuel here and put oil their, but you decided to change the rules, not to follow the guidance, so you put oil where you should put water and water where you should put fuel.

I bet we all know disaster is knocking on the door, and whatever it is that happens to the car is your own making but before the car can work again, it has to go through repair, then you do the right thing you failed to do at first.

I will take you to the bible because that’s the only book I know has the solutions to all problems including the marriage problems. Besides, the guidelines and rules you are supposed to follow for a successful marriage as women are all in there.

        “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.” Ephesians 5: 22

The problem in marriages starts when people ignored this holy book and decided to follow the society that has no knowledge about marriage, a society that was also created by the same book.

It’s like taking a car built by Rolls Royce to a road side mechanic that knows nothing about the reasons why the car was built and what the car needs to work properly.

God created man and woman, so he knew what will work for the man he has created which made him to give the guidelines for the female that if you want to live successfully with this man, you don’t need love, all you need is to submit as it is written in Ephesians 5:22

Love is God and God is love, which shows God knew much about love than we do but still he didn’t ask the women to love their husband. Why? Because he knew it will never work but it’s that same theory that won’t work everybody is practicing. No wonder we have more divorce in marriage than success

Let’s look at it practically, with what I have seen so far about men, if you love them and show them love but failed to submit and respect them they won’t want to be with you because men cherished submission and respect more than they cherish love.

Most women neglect their primary goal to submit and respect and go for the secondary goal which is love. I am telling you today that you should submit and respect your man first then love should follow.

If you have no respect for that man and you can’t submit to him because you don’t trust his judgment due to some of his past and present acts which dented the trust but you still love him and want to marry him, I will tell you not to go any further with him.

The most important thing the man needs from you is what you can’t give to him, so going ahead with marriage will cause more harm than good.

        “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord.” Colossians 3:18

That’s another bible verse still saying the same thing, just to show how important it is, if it wasn’t important there won’t be emphases on it. If you have not been submitting to your husband, I will tell you to change now.

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Single ladies shouldn’t be looking for a man that she is deeply in love with but instead she should find a man that she respect and can submit to. Definitely if you respect and can submit to the man, it means you trust his judgment, you know he values your feelings and put you first

And if you are lucky enough to find it all in one person then congratulations, because most times women don’t respect and submit to the man they love. But we will talk more on the kind of man a woman should marry in another article

If you are having challenges in your marriage maybe is because you weren’t following the guideline, maybe you have placed more priority on love as a woman and wife than submission and respect. It is time to change the channel, tune in to the submission channel for a better marriage. Do you know you can love your husband and not submit to him? This is very wrong, so you have to change that

“Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives.” 1 Peter 3:1

No woman wins the heart of her husband more than a submissive woman, a woman who submit to her husband has the key to his heart in her hands and can make use of it anytime

Being submissive doesn’t mean slavery or makes you a fool; it shows that you are ready to be guided and protected which is the work God assigned to man.

This is the logic, any man that doesn’t submit to God can’t win the heart of God, and can never be guided, protected by him and such a man is exposed to danger which is the same theory that applies for the women in marriage.

Which is why God gave men, a bigger body and muscle, so he will be able to carry out the job of protecting the woman properly but in the situation where the woman failed to submit, there won’t be anything for the man to protect which leave the woman vulnerable and the man miserable

So ladies, your role as a wife is to submit, if you find it hard to submit it’s a good thing you start learning it and practicing it before marriage. If you are married before you discovered, it’s not too late, you can still learn it and be good at it

NOTE:  submitting isn’t very easy especially submitting to someone you know doesn’t have a good judgment of you or someone that doesn’t put you first in his heart, which is why I will tell the single ladies to make sure that the person they want to get married to, is the person that has their best interest at heart and always put them first. For the married women who are facing challenges because of this, the next thing for you to do is submit, then go to God in prayer and he will visit your husband and marriage, but you have to obey first before petitioning. That’s the rule, stay blessed


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