Are you single and lonely? 3 Things that Makes Being Single Fun

single and lonely

Being single is a phase in everyone’s life that one has to pass through while growing.
What does it mean to be single?
To be single is a phase when an individual who is “mature” for a relationship is not yet in a relationship.
Before anyone can be classified as being single such individual must have attained a level of maturity which includes physical, mental, spiritual, financial etc.
How then can it be said that being single is a needed phase?
There are a lot of things that being single prepares one for, some of which is


1 Your Purpose and Ambition

The stage in one’s life when one is seen as single is the growing stage in one’s life, where an individual either acquire a degree, skill or any form of knowledge. This knowledge in turn becomes a needful for attaining a great level of success. This is a very delicate and important part of one’s life because this part will even lead you to making a choice of a spouse if done rightly.  One of the major problem and crises in a relationship and marriage is because most people don’t know their purpose, hence the reasons for frustration, hurt and abuse in marriages.  The earth is like this today because most people has abandoned or don’t know their purpose because your purpose is supposed to be somebody’s solution and way out,  the person become miserable when he/she couldn’t find a solution just because someone has left his/her post (purpose)

“If purpose isn’t known abuse is inevitable”

The best time to search, know and work towards your purpose is when you are still single, which gives you a clearer mind on the kind of person you are and the kind of person you should be with.

Let me explain further by saying this, let’s say you meet 100 men/women in a year, definitely there will be a problem choosing and knowing who the right person is, but knowing your purpose will help you trim them down.  If your purpose is to be a minister in Gods vineyard, it means you can’t just pick your spouse from anywhere; your spouse also must come from Gods vineyard. That’s the only way your spouse can understand your work and support you because she has proper knowledge and understand everything about it already.

When you find yourself to be single, don’t be sad, don’t be frustrated but use this period to find yourself, discover yourself, find and know your purpose.

Note: please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying because you are a doctor you must also marry a doctor but what I am saying is, your purpose helps you in determining the kind of person you be with


2 Mental Readiness

If one has not pass through the stage of mentally being responsible for one’s self, preparing ahead of what one wants to do, loving one’s self. Such individuals will not be able to effectively manage being in a relationship. A relationship is for two mature minds that are ready, and the stage of being single prepares one mentally for relationship.
Although challenges like understanding another individual may not be known when single, but the willingness to understand and the independence to not be pushy are the things being single teaches.

You survived years of being alone and single, which makes you strong and independent. Independency has is limit, it must not be too much and you must also have it because this will make you not to be a burden and pest on your partner. We all need our individual time even though we are married. There are times when your partner won’t want to be disturbed, they don’t want your company, in this kind of situation you won’t be bored, lonely, frustrated or craved for any attention because you have been single for years which gives you the adequate experience on how to enjoy your own company alone also. You have been doing it, you have done it before and you can still do it again.

This helps to strengthen the bonds between couples, during the process they were having their own company they were actually refueling


3 Right Foundations

There is nothing that is worth rushing, as human if one does not set certain standards, value, believe in one’s life by themselves such individuals would easily sway in relationships.
Being single creates that self worth that others can’t help but respect, other than leaving the needful and being in search of only a relationship.
Don’t be deceived, only a person with plans for their life would be a blessing to another person, a visionless person is only a burden.

When you are single

Being single can seem to be a problem, when one’s mates are in good relationships while one is searching. Being single can result to an individual being so eager for a relationship hence forgetting the purpose of waiting. The beautiful fact that people often forget is that there is no fixed manual about life, what works for someone may not work for another individual.
You as an individual is created to not be like others, don’t give yourself unnecessary pressure because it is not worth it. Don’t be anxious, that alone cause you to make a mistake, instead put your attention on productive things.
Enjoy every moment of being single because it is a needed stage in preparing one for living right. Being single doesn’t need to be lonely and boring, it all depends on the work you put into your singleness, I hope this article helps you to understand what you should be doing while single.

However, being single can be said to be lonely when one has achieved success or is on the way to and yet they are all by themselves, but in this situation the time is right, you have passed through the process, you can get into a relationship.

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