How To Be In a Right Relationship and Be Happy

How To Be In a Right Relationship and Be Happy

Everyone young adult that is looking forward to having a happy home must start with a relationship, because it is the bed rock of the kind of home you end up having, if you will ever marry. There are Scriptural principles and Godly ways that can direct you to having the right relationship with the right person. For a good and long-lasting relationship there are two major factors involved! They are:
1.) God’s part
2.) Your part
Anyone who ignores these factors or substitute them for each other will have problems, which is why I will tell you to go for relationship/marriage counseling from a professional who is a good Christian to understand these two factors better

What many people do is when they want to have a relationship they go scouting, looking for a person they consider to be a perfect match.
Some people have a list of what they want from their proposed spouse, either physically, mentally or emotionally. And after a while the relationship crashes, hearts are broken and some end up falling sick, while some go to the extent of committing suicide.

Having the desire to be in a relationship is not bad neither is it a sin nor a crime, it is just that if you do it the wrong way there will be regret(s).

Do you know that right relationship and building a house are synonymous?? What and how do I mean, did I hear you ask…?
If you have a piece of land either the land is big or small, the topography is plain or sloppy, it has the type of house that fit it, so it’s advisable to always contact a good architect, the architect will tell you on the type of house to build, depending on the amount in your pocket. Nobody starts building a house from roofing at least not in our generation. A solid foundation should be laid to have a wonderful structure, so also is a good relationship.
To have a good and a durable relationship, answer the following questions:

What do you want from your intended spouse and are you ready to give the same, if asked from you?
Are you matured enough to handle challenges, when they present themselves?

Are you ready to make some sacrifices and compromise?

If these questions are answered correctly, then you’re on the right path. How you start a relationship matters a lot because it goes a long way, to tell the type of family you’ll have so it should not be based on the following because it will crumble no matter how long it takes:

�Looks (body shape and structure)
�Premarital sex

Any relationship that starts with any of the items listed above is like a faulty foundation that is laid and it will not stand the test of time.

If a relationship will last and be enviable in our contemporary society today, God must be at the center of it. Only God Almighty knows the best person for you and only him can link you to the person. Even the Holy Scriptures has this to say in

Psalms 127:1 “Except the LORD builds the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.”

God guides His children who call on him he helps them lay an enduring foundation. For you to have a good relationship you have to follow the word of God strictly, the rules are all in his word which you will find in the bible. Don’t twist any word from it, obey his word and you will see yourself on the right part.

The bible says thou shall not commit fornication but the man you’re with that called himself a christian is asking you for pre-marital sex and you give in to his request because you don’t want to lose him and you are still praying to God thinking he is still the center of your relationship. No you have missed the way as you gave the chance for the devil in your relationship. God isn’t there anymore as he can’t stand the sight of sin, which means he can’t direct that kind of relationship

A lady was sharing with me how happy and excited she was when a man proposed to her with a bible. She was excited because she believed for the man to proposed with a bible then God is with the relationship and the man fears God. The man told her she has to get pregnant before they could get married, pls where in the bible is that written? That the woman should get pregnant before marriage

People are their own problem, even though the woman in question is with the bible the man proposed with, she couldn’t open it to get the knowledge she needed on how to deal with the situation. She yielded to the man and now she’s a single mother because the man who proposed with a bible is nowhere to be found.

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Before anything, your own personal understanding matter first, you are supposed to acquire knowledge about relationship and what relationship the Gods way looks like. A single lady was asking me if she could date and marry a divorced man, she said she has been praying to God for direction.

But in this situation she doesn’t need Gods direction and she won’t get any direction from God because it’s boldly written in his book that God hates divorce and if any man/woman divorce they will stay single. So are you saying God should change his rules because of you?

Follow these simple steps on how to be in a right relationship

be born again

Be born again

There are Christians and there are Christians, if you say you are born again, my question is what class of born again Christian are you? Is it the class that sees nothing wrong in having premarital sex before marriage? Is it the class that doesn’t study the word of God and knows nothing about it? Is it the one that just goes to church every Sunday or once in a while? Or are you a Christian that is hot for God. Defining your born again is the first step for you

Study, know the word of God, and acquire the knowledge

God says my people perish for lack of knowledge, are you part of the people who God is talking about? If you have the adequate knowledge and study the word of God very well, you will know that any man who says he is a Christian but asking you for sex before marriage isn’t a true Christian, you don’t need to pray about it before you know that. It says by their fruit you shall know them. A tree looks like a mango tree but on getting there you saw orange fruits on it and you are still asking whether its mango or orange. Definitely you should know the tree is an orange tree but trying to act like a mango tree. Don’t be deceived

Follow Gods word

Where the problem lies here is from point number 2 because if you don’t know the word of God how can you follow it. This is where most people get it wrong; they don’t know the word of God so they can’t follow it. I am recommending it for you to study and know the word of God so you can follow it to be in a right relationship. Don’t expect God direction when the direction you are looking for is hidden in that bible you refused to read. The bible says don’t be of equal yoke with an unbeliever but you are of equal yoke with an unbeliever and you are asking for Gods direction, the direction is in your hands

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Commit it into the hands of God

This is the last part and it’s the most sensitive part, you can’t jump all the remaining three points listed above and get here, no way. You have to start from point number 1 all the way to number 4 for you to be in a right relationship. Most people always leave the first 3 points and drive all the way here. The man will say he has prayed and committed his relationship to God while having sex with the woman which is very wrong. You have to obey and follow Gods word before you can commit your relationship into his hands and it’s with this that you can be expecting an answer with direction from him.

Are you looking to have the right relationship which is the pathway to a good marriage, then this point is a must follow for you. I pray God gives you the grace to follow them in Jesus name


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