Thinking About Recession? 3 Reasons Why It’s Time To Stop!

recession time

The little chicken goes around crying the sky is falling! They sky is falling!! The world is full of many little chickens, they are like alarm bells that goes off at the slightest provocation. The song on the lips of many folks today is recession and increase in exchange rate: bankers hum it, marketers sing it and the commuters dance to the rhythm while some smart folks are making the sales of their life. Recession is a game changer, for some people, it is a blessing while for some people it is a curse: what determines which one you get depends on how you position yourself.

1 Your Thinking

Yes the nation is in recession but it doesn’t mean you should be in recession too. “Don’t you know what affects the nation affects the citizens too?” who said the effect must by all means be negative? Nigeria is the one in recession not you! Let the government and the politicians worry about recession, you should worry about how to leverage recession for your own profit.[Read also: 3 Solid Reasons to Start Off Your Dreams Now]

2 All you need is YOU

At the age of 70 and right in the mid of the great depression one would expect him to be tired, exhausted and rocking at home to rest in peace but no he wasn’t. Instead of rocking in the chair he was experimenting to create his own special recipe for chicken processing. It was the worst of all time for nation around him; personal income was terrible, public funds was meager, national tax revenue dipped and international trade had plummeted by a whopping 50%.

Talk of bad, this was worse than bad, the stock market had crashed sinking many businesses in the wake of its collapse. It was the 1930’s and the USA and the global community were dancing to the tune of a global full-scale recession that had created a phenomenal unemployment rate of about 15 million people in the USA alone. [Read also: Are you Fighting the Real Enemy Disturbing your Marriage?

Americans everywhere were unemployed and everyone except one man was whining, because he was thinking and experimenting with his new recipe. Right in the middle of a full blown recession Colonel Sanders launched his enterprise selling chicken from his road side restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky. While many business had long been buried under the rubble’s of the depression Colonel Sanders’ KFC rose like the sun in its full strength at dawn of the day and took over. Soon the business was so large he couldn’t manage it by himself.

Today KFC chain’s has expanded to 18,875 outlets across 118 countries and territories and there is one of them in the city where I reside. The next time you drive into or drive by a KFC just look up and tell yourself “I have no excuse”. That franchise did not start when things were rosy and all good it started when things were bleak and awfully hopeless.

3 Success has no limit

Success doesn’t have a time limit and greatness doesn’t have a time-lapse attached to it, you can wake up any day you decide to and blow past any obstacle to arrive at your dream destination. The recession is not your limit, don’t let the smoke fool you. There is something for everyone in this recession, what you need is the right positioning and the correct information. Position yourself properly first by changing the way you think; for God sake Block Industries are still molding bricks who is buying them? Angels?

How come the recession has not stopped people form building houses? Come on! As long as there are people to sell to, business can and will continue to thrive! You can thrive in this recession, stop wasting your energy whining and complaining, start thinking and inventing. You can thrive is the season, look around you, see something different. Stop thinking the way you have been thinking, tune off from the news channel and generate some inspiration from within! It is time to hit your dream forget the former things!

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