Weekly Dose: What is the Purpose of a Woman in Marriage?

woman purpose in marriage

“And the LORD God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.” Genesis 2:17

This bible passage explains the purpose of women in marriage, even though the society has succeeded in bringing out another purpose in women but the main purpose of a woman in a marriage cannot be erased and except the women work according to their purpose in marriage, we will have more of troubled marriage than successful marriage.[Read Also: The Three Things Every Man Needs from a Woman]

In the society today we see women holding the front tier in marriage, relegating the man behind them. Society calls them action women but I won’t call them that, I will rather call it the misconception of purpose. No matter how physical and strong a woman looks, they are not built to carry the load in marriage and the family load

In the verse, it says “I will make him a helper.” What does helper mean in the context? Let’s look at what helper means

A helper is a person who helps someone else. This just points it out to the women that their role is to help someone else; someone else here is no other person than her husband. A woman is to help her husband

Let’s look deeper, when I say a woman is to help her husband, what’s her role? What does help mean? What should a woman do?

Help means: to do something that makes it easier for someone to do a job. So my question to you women is, are you making it easier for your husband to do his job as a father and husband. Maybe you don’t know you have most of the say in what is going on with your husband.

Women now are fighting for gender equality, there is nothing equal in the genders, a male is male and a female is a female. God didn’t create man and woman for them to be equal but for them to be unique in their different ways and roles. God saw that Adam was disorganized without a woman, that’s why he created a woman so she could fill the gap of the area where Adam is lacking. The major reason God didn’t wire a man and a woman to act and think the same way

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Don’t allow the society and some women that the devil is using for his work to destroy Gods plan for your life and marriage. Follow the word of God for your marriage because it was God who created man and woman and is still the same God that founded/created the marriage. So women, be the help meet God wants you to be to your husband and always aspire for more knowledge to be the best helpmeet.

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