How to Prepare Yourself for the Right Partner

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We’re living in a generation where people sit and are in wait for the right person or the perfect one to show up and walk down the aisle with them. Going that mile with the right person is a very sweet thing but it doesn’t just happen when you sit and wait. It requires work!
As much as we dream and desire this, there’s a process we must undergo to be sure we can handle that ‘trust’ called ‘marriage’. People go into marriage for different reasons but one thing we must keep in mind is that marriage is God en trusting another fellow into your hands. Your life must make meaning to that person. Keep in mind that marriages are not void of challenges so if you want a good marriage or person, you have to work towards that.
Here comes the process called ‘preparation’. I guess you’ve heard this word many times, used it and possibly undergone a part of it.
Preparation is the key in waiting for Miss or Mr. Right. Waiting is a process and not a physical position you take. It’s an active period of working towards being a better person.
Let’s get this straight! Preparation does not begin on the battlefield. It’s done before the battle so as to equip you to fight your battle ‘right’. I’m not saying marriage is a battlefield but we’ll all have battles to fight no matter how insignificant they might look. Challenges will come, we’ll have hurdles to cross and if not well equipped, we can’t fight right. We don’t want to be in the battlefield and run back or get killed. I’m sure we won’t waste our energies going into battles our mates are unprepared for. No one wants surprise attacks!
It will be too ironic to keep waiting for the right person when you’re the wrong one and vice versa. It’s no big deal to just sit and wait for the right person but it’s work! Being unprepared for the right person is unhealthy!

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How would you feel when the right one comes and meets you prepared? Ohhhhh! I see you imagine how lovely it will be so equip yourself! Get prepared for the one that will also be prepared for you! They’re worth it.
Check out these few tips to preparing yourself

Have the right mind

Know it that love is waiting for you! It’s meant for you and you should go for it. Nothing should hinder you. Whatever the case might be, however your past was, it doesn’t matter anymore. Good news is here! Christ died for us while we were yet sinners! God is not mad at you! He loves you dearly and deeply and he wants the best for you! The guilt and condemnation you feel is just the devil trying to limit you and steal your Joy and happiness so I urge you to receive forgiveness from God, know it and forgive yourself! Renew your mind by the Word! Live a life free from the hold of guilt and condemnation.
You’re free and I am free! We are all free. We are free indeed! Know that God loves you and his plans for you are of good. God cannot send the wrong person your way but you can choose to take God’s choice or your choice. You’ll only know the difference later on.


If you’re actually waiting and preparing for the right one, it’s a clear indication that you’re either single, with the wrong person or you’re just so selfish!! Yeah! You can raise your eye brows and squeeze your face. It doesn’t validate what is wrong. How can you be in search of a person you think is the right one for you when you’re still in possession of someone else’ Right Person. That’s the highest level of greed! Everyone is the right one for someone. Stick to yours!
Please, be responsible and stop behaving like one of many options if you know you’re with the wrong person. Set yourself free from bondage. Stop deceiving yourself and keep hoping that you’ll meet someone better than the one you’re presently with. If you’re not in the right place, please leave so you can get ready to go to the right place.

Be Complete!

Dear ladies/Women, a man will not and can NEVER complete you! Dear Guys/Men, a woman will not and can NEVER complete you.
We have been made complete in Christ and if you feel incomplete and need someone to complete you, Christ is who you need! No man can ever be a substitute for that! That’s God’s glory and we should never attribute it to ourselves. We’ll only be frustrated if we try to put a human in that place. We were created by God and will never function well outside Him. He’s our ONLY source!

Find yourself!

This cannot be overemphasized! It amazes me when people say they want their mate to know and understand them when they neither know nor understand themselves. You see a person with flaws looking for a flawless human being…….stop dreaming and face reality! Do good to let God work on you! Don’t be unfair to that fellow who is worked upon. Do to others what you want them to do unto you. Ask yourself why you’re refusing God to work on you. What’s stopping you? Know your flaws and weaknesses. Submit them to God and he’ll work on them. We shouldn’t be forming James Bond with a bad character or attitude. Let the great Porter mould and make you beautiful so you don’t become detrimental to people.

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We all have inherent potentials, gifts, talents, and great qualities within. Discover yourself and skills. Educate yourself! Find out what you’re good in/with. Read books! Ask questions! Learn! Learn! Learn! It’s continuous and nothing can substitute for it. God has given us all abilities and gifts. Find them out, work on them, maximize them and utilize your time well!
What God has placed in you defines you to people. Don’t let anyone define who you should be. When you find yourself, you have defined yourself and it makes it easy for people to know and understand you. Define yourself and let people learn who you are. Gain mastery of your art! Don’t be Jack of all trade with mastery of none. You’ll be everywhere trying to please people to manage and put up with you. Know where you belong. Build yourself strong that nobody can destroy.
If you don’t find yourself, you’re lost and NOBODY CAN FIND
YOU FOR YOU! Know that you have a responsibility of becoming who you want to become.


I asked a lady what kind of man she wants for a husband and I was perplexed. what she listed was way beyond my imagination. *laughs*
Let me paint this scenario so we get the picture right. Assuming you’re a lady and has this room mate who’s wild, always goes clubbing, comes back wasted, and you decide to have a conversation with her one day. You ask her and she has this to say about the kind of man she wants as a husband; (With a serious look and emotions )”I’m looking for a God-fearing man, hard working, loving and caring, understanding, romantic, nice, patient etc! For heaven’s sakes, you know she’s not in anyway looking for that man! Maybe she’s actually high. But really, think about it. That man is finished if she will ever find him. She’ll not attract that kind of man and if she does, it’s Salvation knocking on the door. Now this is just a little example.
Positioning yourself doesn’t mean you put on a whole new face just to get hooked up cause it will fail you sooner than you expect. Position yourself by living right as God would have you.
It’s not a short run. It’s a life we live. The life we live is enough to tell who we really are. Pretence will fail us! Let’s get right with God. He’s the ONLY ONE who can lead us right.
If you already feel challenged about this, it’s a good step you’ve taken. Don’t stop here. Don’t be afraid to kick off. Let’s get started with our sweet Lord. He’s been waiting!!!!!
Be true and live the life God has called you to live. Be patient with a good attitude, wait while pray through it! Live! Love! And love will find you! You’ll naturally attract the right person.
Greater days await you!

By Deborah Deshi

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