Pay Your Dues to Have A Successful Marriage/Relationship


    Pay Your Dues to Have A Successful Marriage/Relationship

    Pay your dues, I am very sure most people know what it means when they say pay your dues but what they think about when they hear this is financial success, career success because they take it to be very important.

    This is the number one problem we are having about relationship and marriage. People believe it’s not important, most people don’t take it very important the way they take their work and career which is why we have so many people with problems in their relationship and marriages. If only people can take relationship and marriage very important as they take their career there won’t be high percentage of divorce in the world.

    Imagine a singer spends hours if not the whole day in the studio but spends few minutes or maybe no time at all on anything about relationship/marriage. Same thing goes to most people, a bank manager spends hours on banking issues but pay less attention into his relationship/marriage. People acquire more knowledge , spend money to gain more knowledge and skills about their career but they neglect their relationship/marriage forgetting that there is no other career as the husband and wife career, father and mother career.

    My question now is, are you ready to pay your dues to have a wonderful and successful relationship/marriage? If your answer is YES, then I will tell you congratulations, welcome to a new life of success in relationship/marriage as I go through this with you.

    The first thing you need to know is

    1. Success comes from years of hard work: let’s relate this to the school days, you spent 5years in school studying law. Those 5years are years of hard reading, studying day and night just to come out with good grades. You didn’t just stay in your room, missed classes and got your good grades, you pay your dues by studying and burning candles when necessary.

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    The same thing applies to relationship, you can’t just close all the doors to which you can learn about relationship and expect to come out with good grades. You need to acquire the knowledge, you need to understand how relationship/marriage works, the only way you can do this, is by working hard and studying hard on it.

    If you burn your time on studying, acquiring knowledge and understanding your relationship, there is no way you won’t succeed in it.

    2 Stand up when you fall: you can’t write off relationship all because you failed. You can fall as hard as possible in your relationship but that doesn’t mean it’s the end or there is no love. What it meant is that, you got it wrong, you made a mistake and the next thing for you to do is correct your mistake.

    Let’s say you are preparing for your final exams and what you read didn’t come out of the exams which resulted in you failing it. You won’t because of this drop out of school and waste all the years you have been studying or kill all your lectures or maybe burn the school down. You have made the mistakes, you have learnt your lesson, you are ready to make amends. Go back and do your studies again, analyze where you have gone wrong, point it out, find the necessary quotes and maybe bible verses to back it up. Then you are fired up with the assurance you will never make the same mistake again.

    This where most of our singles has problems, they don’t think, they just do. That’s why you will see a lady being in four different relationships within the space of 4months. She’s not ready to stress herself to work, study, acquire knowledge on her relationship but she definitely want a relationship. How can you possibly do that? You will get to hurt yourself more than what you think. You better stress yourself and pay your dues because at the end you will be the one to enjoy the seed. This is like saying I don’t want to go to school, I don’t want to study and I want a high salary paying job. How do I do that? Still thinking

    3. Be willing to make sacrifices: there are a lot of sacrifices to be made before you could get there. You must be ready to sacrifice short term goal for your long time goal. Do you know what your short term goals are when it comes to relationship? Don’t worry I will tell you. It means a relationship, romance, sex, companion and everything associated with relationships. Everybody wants to be in a relationship, it’s not easy to be lonely, not easy if there is no one to kiss, to hug, to hold and maybe to satisfy your sexual urge with but all these are short term goals you need to sacrifice for your long term goals.

    The way you sacrifice your short term goal here is by staying away from a relationship, forget about sex, forget about being lonely, yes it’s not easy but you are doing to for the future which I believe is more important to you than the present. I know some people are asking why? The why is all these has a way of deceiving us to believe the relationship you are having is what you actually need which is false. Yes I know that you are bound to kiss lots of frogs before you find your prince but please tell me, how many frogs do you want to kiss? A thousand? Hundred? Ten? Answer this yourself.

    Can you even actually counts how many men you have had sex with? How many women you have had sex with? Do you want your husband to ask you how many guys you have been with and you are ashamed to say it because you have actually been with more than four(4), what are you looking for exactly? A good sex mate? Because that’s the only thing that could justify your being with more than four(4) guys. Can you see why you need to put a padlock and make some sacrifices. The long term goal is to get yourself a good husband/wife and then enjoy yourself, enjoy your sex, enjoy your marriage and enjoy your life. If you are a serious students of relationships you will find yourself single most times because you don’t just get into a relationship for relationship sake, but you get into a relationship because you know it’s the right relationship. How do you know this? Through studying and acquiring knowledge with proper understanding.

    Have you been single for a year, two years and now you are sad. You want a guy or girl or relationship so badly, what I will tell is hold on, persevere, endure because at the end you will be happy you didn’t give up. Winners never quits. You need to pay your dues

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