It Is Not Meant to be Easy: Don’t Lose Yourself in Love

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I wonder why people find it hard to take a serious decision that is going to benefit them, they say it’s not easy but I never knew of anything that is easy on earth. It stopped being easy in the Garden of Eden, they want a decision that is very easy at the detriment of their life. I don’t get, it’s your life we are talking about here, if anything goes wrong you will bear it, so why can’t you just stand and take that decision no matter how hard it seem.

Are you worried to why I sounded that way in the first paragraph? Let’s imagine this; a man told a lady he loves her, that’s fine right? They started dating and later on the lady got pregnant, he told him, but the news changed the story. He told her he is not responsible for the pregnancy and he went away leaving her in agony. She decided to keep the baby, even without the father but the surprising thing is that the man didn’t contact the lady since he left but he showed up some days after she delivered and started acting like the father. [ Read Also: Weekly Dose: Top 3 Important Things Ladies Should Learn From Rebekah]

I really appreciate how strong the lady was through that process of the man leaving and her giving birth, the courage to keep the baby, to take responsibility of the child and to become a single mother. We all know how hard it could be, do you support me in accepting she is strong and has taken the right decision?

Now this is where the challenge is, the man came back when she delivered after leaving her just when the pregnancy was just a month and few weeks, that’s like eight (8) months. There is nothing wrong in allowing the man to see his child and be the father because that’s the right thing to do.

Instead of the lady in question to leave it as that, let the man be the father with her moving on, getting herself together, look at where and how she got it wrong, make proper corrections and looking ahead for a better man in her life but no, she didn’t do that instead she got pregnant again for the same man. Is that the devils work? No, I can’t see any devil or enemy in any of these, the only enemy I can see is the lady herself.

I thought about the scenario and I asked myself, is this love? It’s unbelievable, I wasn’t expecting it because they say once bitten twice shy. Oh sorry, I didn’t tell you what happened, the man left her again just as he did with the first child, meanwhile the man isn’t giving the lady in question any money for baby food, baby things or upkeep for the first baby now the second baby

Once is a mistake, and twice is what? I will let my readers be the judge of that. Taking care of a baby alone is still a little bit easy and for you to meet a good man is also a little easy but taking care of two kids alone, that’s work and for you to meet a really good man with two kids is hard work. How and why did she drive herself to that corner?

Sometimes when we look for an easy way out instead of us to stand up and be firm on a right decision, we always end up driving ourselves to a more tight corner which could destroy us for the rest of our lives. I am telling you today, no matter how hard it might be, make sure you still take that right decision.

Let me tell us this, there are lots of people on this planet earth, and it’s not your fault that the person you love isn’t responsible so you don’t have to pay for it. Some people don’t care about their life but if you do really care about your life and you meet a person that doesn’t care about his/her life, please cut yourself from that person and move on because he/she will drag you in the mud with him/her

For example, you are a student, and your plan is to finish top of your class and top of the school but along the line you meet a friend that care less about school not to talk of finishing top. It is very obvious that you are not on the same page; you don’t have the same plans so you don’t have any reason to stick with him/her, if you don’t want your dreams of finishing top of the school shattered you must move on.

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You are a dating a girl and all she knows how to do is drain you financially, you decided to do bad things so you could meet up with her expenses, and when they asked you, you tell them you love her and it’s not easy for you to move on that they can’t understand. I know they will understand and will be easy when you get into trouble or thrown in jail while the lady in question continues with her life

Don’t be deceived it is not love, if the lady in question actually loves you, she won’t watch you do bad things for money to satisfy her expensive life, if the guy in question actually loves you, he won’t watch you suffer and go through pain, so please what kind of love are you talking about or deceiving yourself with.

Its better you stand up today to take the right decision and stop using the word LOVE wrongly because at the end of the day, you will bear the consequences alone.

GOSH! We don’t always learn; take action today before it is too late.

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