I Do Not Believe in Love but I Believe in the Virtues of Love

virtues of love

Don’t get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing but this beautiful thing has made many people miserable, some are dead why some are sad. I thought deep about it and I discovered that love is a mirage. It’s not that love doesn’t exist, love exists just that I don’t believe in love, I believe in virtue instead
Love is like a golden ball, the golden color outside is what attracted you to the ball. That’s the love but what the ball carries inside of it, is the virtue. You saw this golden ball and you picked it up only to discover that whats inside the ball is just dust and was painted gold, the next thing is for you to throw it away because the dust is choking you. This is what we called to love without virtue

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The divorce rate increases every single day, producing more broken-hearted children in the society who now don’t believe or believe less in marriage. What is the position of love in this? The couples were deeply in love before they decided to take it to the next level by tying the knot, then what happened next? The love disappears then divorce happens.
The reason for this is because love is not supposed to be empty, but most people date, court and get married with a love without virtue. Let’s imagine you have a bag, on that bag, they crested love on it, and your partner then falls in love with you. The relationship continues, during the relationship, various circumstances will surface which you are supposed to attack or solve with the virtues inside the love bag you carry but when you put your hands into the bag to bring something out your hand comes back empty which means the bag is empty. If you don’t work on getting virtues into that bag so when the situation arises you bring out the necessary virtues to solve it, they will be frustrated, you will be frustrated and the love will suffer.
This is exactly whats happening in marriages that is causing problems hence why divorce rate increases every day. Whenever your spouse comes to you sad, you should be able to put your hands into that bag of love and bring out kindness or happiness to solve the problem but you brought out an empty hand or even more sadness from that bag instead then you can guess what will happen.
Love without virtue is useless, so if you have love but that love bag you are carrying is empty then you need to start working on getting some virtues into that bag because love without virtue won’t take your marriage very far.
It is the virtue you bring out of your love that strengthens your marriage, not the love you have for each other, when you are supposed to use kindness, you brought it out, when its time for support, you brought it out, when prayer is required you brought it out, that is a love with virtue but imagine the consequences if you couldn’t exhibit all these characters when they are required.
When you are preparing yourself for marriage, work more on getting virtues into your love bag and not just working on falling in love alone because if that bag is empty then sooner or later the love will crash, it is the situation where the person you once loved deeply becomes the person you detest. There will be various situations in marriage that requires different approach which is why you need the virtues to approach each situation as they occur.
You also need to be sensitive and smart for you to know the right virtue to use at a particular time, if you use prayer when you are supposed to you use kindness you will get a wrong result. Also, make sure your love bag is always loaded so you don’t run out of virtues to use.
It’s not the love that matters but the virtues that are in the love, love without virtue is useless. Start building your virtues today for your love to have the necessary ingredients to go stronger in marriage
When you fall in love or you are about falling in love and you discovered that the love doesn’t have any virtue in it, it is better to discard the love and move on. Many times I have talked myself out of love, I tell myself this doesn’t make sense, this love doesn’t have any virtues in it, this is not the kind of love you want, this love won’t help you it will wreck you instead. I will forget about the love and move on

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If you have the necessary virtue but your partner doesn’t, it’s still not a good love because you will be frustrated when your partner can’t exhibit any virtue in the marriage.
Are there virtues in your love or it’s just an ordinary love?

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