Never test the depth of a river with both feet


Relationship isn’t a do or die affairs; never test the depth of a river with both feet, you are to test the depth of the relationship river with just one feet before you try to put the second feet inside not to talk of you now diving inside, taking a bath inside.

People nowadays don’t even care about the depth, what’s there business with that, they go all in with their two legs before they realize is far way more than what they bargained for but by this time is a little too late because they can’t go back, they are already stucked.

That stuck part is the marriage, and the only way they could get out is by calling out for people to help them.

The help could be drastic that it can take some part of them away and even destroys the river. Some even get washed away by the river, why go through all the stress when you can actually save yourself from it and stay happy.

When we know this could happen, then why are we not careful about it. I don’t understand, why leave a careless life when you know you’re going to pay for every mistake you make, it could even result in you paying with your life.

We have heard so many stories of how one partner kills the other partner. I know you don’t want that for yourself but then you will have to make some hard and good choices for yourself. Nobody is going to do that for you.

Because the river doesn’t look deep doesn’t mean you should not test the depth or test the depth with both feet, things are not always want they seem. What if the river isn’t deep but the sand inside is the soft type that sinks you gradually till it buries you inside if you couldn’t get help in time. This means, you’re gone and forgotten.

There are some rivers that are ok but too big for you to swim in them; some are also ok but too small for you to swim in them. This means you have to take your time to study the river for you to know which one suits you. In the case where the river is too big, definitely you’re going to drown if you try to swim in them.

Not every swimmer can swim in the ocean remember. And for the small river, well, you won’t drown but you can never enjoy the swimming, you will end up inconveniencing yourself and the river. You won’t enjoy yourself and the river too won’t rest, so what’s the point.

The river that Michael Phelps can swim in, I might not be able to swim in it and must not try to swim in. Which means, there is no room for competition; the whole aim is for us to swim, enjoy the swimming and be clean.

If you have seen and witnessed how dangerous a river/water could be, I am very sure when you here river, you won’t want to go near it or you will be extra careful in going into it.

A lady told me about the problem she’s having in her marriage which is mainly because of her mother-in-law. Her husband is the only child, so the mother-in-law is the one taking all the decisions for the son. If she says he shouldn’t sleep with the wife, the man won’t sleep with the wife. I gave this example because it shows she didn’t not test the depth of the river before she dived in, now she’s having issues with it and she’s not happy

testing the depth of the relationship river could be in any angle especially when you are looking at a relationship that will end in marriage;

For example:

River of responsibilities

Maybe you’re a lady, and you have been the one carrying all the responsibilities of what the both of you are doing in the relationship and you believe is love, or maybe you need to talk or beg before he does his responsibility and you are still planning to go ahead to marry him, saying you love him very much.

I hope this will open your eyes and set you straight before you make a mistake you will regret for the rest of your life. Maybe he is not working, which is ok, but have you check to see how he spends the little money he gets once in a while?
River of responsibilities carries being faithful, having self control, and self discipline, knowing the responsibility as a woman and as a man. All these things, you need to test the depth before diving in.

River of abuse

Abusive marriage doesn’t just start, it has started right from the relationship but you overlooked it, or maybe he used to beg you after beating you, so you decided to stay, that if he doesn’t love you, he won’t beg you.

Maybe you don’t know some people can kill who they claim they love. has he slapped you once or maybe he used to slap you always anytime he’s angry and you offended him.

He has beaten you before, or he used to beat you always and you think it’s love or maybe you are thinking he will change, so you want to go ahead and marry him. or maybe he is threatening you and you couldn’t leave because you are scared. please talk to someone about it.

Temperamental River

she’s the type that gets angry easily, or maybe the type that is very destructive anytime she’s angry. Maybe she has even slapped you before when she was angry. Or destroyed your phone or gadgets what I will say is for you to test the depth of the river. If you can survive in it

There are lots of river that needs testing before you dive in and never test the depth of a river with both feet. Sit down, think about the rivers you have tested and also write down the rivers you haven’t tested, start immediately to test them. It will help you greatly in the journey to your marriage.

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