Never Say Never; Believe it can be done

Never Say Never; Believe it can be done

The year was 2005, the revolution in the Nigerian Music industry was really heating up and Radio stations across the nation were now playing more locals than foreign music, but nothing like this one. The popular music producers told her it was impossible, nobody will listen to this genre of music here, folks will not accept that kind of stuff here and to make matters worse your voice is just not it.

But one producer Cobhams Asuqou a radical and creative emerging producer at the time, was willing to take the risk and ten years after her debut album “ASA” Olubukola Elemide is no doubt a mega success. Not only did her music find huge acceptance at home it went viral in just the first few months of it release and when the rebranding campaign for Nigeria was lunched, ASA was mentioned along successful Nigerians like Philip Emegwali, LadiKwali, Chimamnda Adechie and some other heavy weights in the nation, that was completely unthinkable for someone who had being earlier rejected and looked down upon and branded a failure.

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ASA’s story is just one of a myriad of testimonies of people who were once rejected and only turned out to be mega stars later. Rejection is not the end of life, when people reject you it’s a sign that they are blind to your worth. Don’t be blindsided by what people say about you no matter who says what, as long as it does not agree with your personal estimation and internal image discard it with all due respect. Nobody is going to celebrate you or appreciate you if you don’t, it has to start with you. You have to believe that your dream is doable that your vision is achievable. Your conviction has to be unwavering and absolutely resolute. Do you have a dream? Do you have a vision? Believe it can be done. All the voices in this world will count for nothing if you own internal voice is counterproductive. Self-talk is the most important talk you can ever listen to.

Face it! You will be rejected and you will be pushed around but make up your mind never to give up. I can only imagine how the young lady would have felt being told by some of the most successful people in the music industry that she will never amount to anything. It’s like pronouncing you dead while you’re still alive. A chicken hearted person cannot live with that, but she did and ten years later she is story of possibility and hope in the invisible power of a potential. Rejection is real, early in life I was told to “expect the best but prepare for the worst, so whichever comes eventually you are prepared. So when you finally stand up to present that proposal or audition for that role be fearless about it”. Remember the worst thing in life is not failure but the fear of failure itself, if you’re not afraid to fail success will intercept you on the way. Cowards die seven times before their death the brave dies but once. You have only one life dare to live before you die.

What is in your hands? How important is that dream, that idea, that vision to you? Is it just a brainwave that you stumbled upon while fumbling around or something you merely want to try to get by or meet ends meet. Do you see a future in what you’re holding? What do you see? A tree or a seed? The man who sees a tree will sow his seed, but the man who sees a seed will likely roast for dinner or feed to the birds. So what do you see? It’s important to answer this question because when the chips are down it is the answer you gave that will determine whether you’ll quit or stand tall like an oak. People like ASA don’t just stand, there’s something on the inside that makes them stand tall like that it’s called “Perception.” How you see what you’re holding will determine how you’ll handle it and treat it ultimately. So what do you see in the seed in your hands, a meal for the birds or a shade for the nation, a meal for the livestock or furniture for the palace? What do you see, if others can’t see it, that’s okay but if you can’t see it, then the case is closed.

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Never say never! Once is not enough, you’ve have to do it again and again. The proof of passion is resilience, your ability to keep going against the feistiest of winds. If you try the first time and it doesn’t work, do it again. This time do it in a better way, apply for that job again, present your proposal for that contract again, go for that visa again. Don’t stop until you win, never say never. The opposition is only to test your will, make up your to outlive your opposition. I love that song “I will never say never!” never say never! Go for it! It’s possible if you can try again.

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