All Of My Life; Have Been Searching For Love

All Of My Life; Have Been Searching

I know when we see this, what comes to the mind of most of us is that Phil Collins song “all of my life.” but what am I searching for? What’s that have been searching for all my life? There is no other thing have been searching for than my woman. A woman I could call my own and worthy enough to by my wife.

Not like many that do not know what they want, I’m very different, I know what I want. What she must look like, what she must like doing, the kind of person she must be, the way she must talk and act. Does it sound crazy? Well, I have it all programmed in my head, and have been searching for it all my life. I know some people will say maybe I’m looking for the impossible that’s why I haven’t seen her yet. But I will disagree with that because it’s my choice and I can never ask for too much besides there is nothing like impossible.

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Remember we can see stones anywhere we go, even if you just take a few steps out of your house or office now you will come across nothing less than two stones. I’m not looking for that kind of woman. I’m looking for a rare gem, a diamond stones that you don’t just come across or see. You come across them by chance and whenever you come across them, you know they must not go and you are ready to do everything to keep them, you protect them with your life because you know if they just slip off your hands you might never get to see another diamond stones again or you have to wait for another lifetime before life brings them your way again.

Whatever you want, you research on it and study it so you won’t make mistake or destroy it. With my research I discovered that if I’m serious about searching for a rare gem, then I must be strong willed and focus. I must drop everything that will weigh me down. This is why I never picked any stones on my search for the rare stones. Even though I get tempted at times but my strong will and passion for the rare stones always set me straight which I always adjust immediately and get back on my search. That’s why you will never see me with any stones because you may be wondering, why can’t I just pick one stone out of all the stones that are everywhere instead of going through all the stress.

But I’m a man of worth, and I knew from when I was a kid that nothing good comes easy. If you want to be different, you have to do what others are not doing. This rare stones I’m looking for doesn’t mean it must be a star, a celebrity or rich. Don’t bother thinking that’s what I meant because it’s not.

You can be a celebrity and still be a common stone. What am I even saying? Can’t we see it ourselves? Don’t get it all mixed up, diamond stone is so unique. She doesn’t just get messed up by pressures, even when you mixed her up with normal stones, you will still recognize her with her fruits. But you can only recognize her if you know the qualities. Ordinary people don’t just recognize them, even when they see them or are with them; they don’t know because they knew nothing about what they have.

This was the mistake I was making before; I was busy searching for the diamond stone when I don’t even know what I am looking for. So how will I recognize her when I see her? was I even supposed to be searching? NO. I wasn’t supposed to be searching, which is where I got it all wrong. It took me a while before I figured out what I was supposed to be doing but now I know. You want to know also? Hahahaha, have you been searching too? Don’t worry, I will tell you

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I figured out that I was not supposed to be searching but instead I should prepare myself, equip myself. I should study the stones very well, know everything about them to the extent I become a diamond stone myself.
Remember “if you want to catch a monkey, you must do or become a monkey yourself.”
Exactly, the same thing applies here, I should become a diamond stone to the extent if any diamond stone passes by, I know the smell and can’t or won’t be deceived by a painted wannabe stone. So all these years I have spent on searching have been a wrong year for me, maybe, just maybe if I have spent all those years to work on myself and become a diamond stone myself, I might have seen my diamond stone already.

How am I even sure one hasn’t passed me by already without me knowing just because we didn’t get to talk. But now, I am fully prepared, I am so ready, even if the diamond stones pass in the air, I will know immediately I breathe it in.

Right now, I am no more searching; all I am doing now is waiting and be diligent. I need to do this just for two reasons

  • so I will be different from other stones, even if I am mixed up with them, she will recognize me
  • So that I won’t lose the chance whenever I come across her, I already know how they think, breathe, talk and qualities. Which means she won’t slip off because I already know how to handle her

Now my song is no more All of My Life; have been searching but it’s now I Am Prepared; I am waiting.


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