Mr. and Mrs. Trump


They were four friends, two couples, two men and two women, they are best of friends that knows everything that is going on in each others marriage and life. They talk to each other, they tell each other everything. Although they paired themselves up, this now makes it two families; the Johnsons and the Trumps. Mr. Tade Johnson is Mr. Nelson Trump best friend, this friendship extends to the wives, and Mrs. Johnson is also Mrs. Trump best friend

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Tade is a school teacher while his friend Nelson is a managing director of a firm. It’s not like Tade didn’t go to school, he studied law in a very good university and he came out with good grades but why he decided to be a teacher is what his friend Nelson doesn’t understand. Mrs. Johnson who goes by the first name Sade, despise his husbands work so much, she doesn’t want to hear anything about it.

They are not poor, well, they might not be rich and doing very fine like their friend Nelson and Juliet. Maybe that’s what angers Sade or maybe whenever they go out together and they get to do some introductions. I am a school teacher sounds inferior compared to I am a managing director that always comes out of the mouth of Nelson his friend. He wasn’t showing pride by saying it, he’s not a proud man but that’s his work.

There was an incidence that happened one night in a dinner party organized by Nelsons firm. It was time for introduction as usual, before Tade could talk, Sade took it from his mouth and introduced him as a lawyer which he reversed immediately by saying I am a teacher. That night didn’t go well between them because they argued and exchanged words all through that night, starting from the party, all the way to the car, to the house and to the bedroom which was later stopped by one of them angrily getting out of the bedroom to make use of the visitors room.

What I don’t understand is, Tade loves his work, he is not complaining, he takes care of his wife perfectly with it even though it might be a humble one; how much is a teacher’s salary. The answer is no, they don’t have kids yet because I know that’s what you are thinking and about to ask me. But his wife Sade doesn’t see it like that, he sees his husband as a loser and he always compare him to his friend and her friends husband.

Yes, she envies her friend and she always tells her, Juliet has settled issues in their home a few times including Nelson. Can’t you see your marriage; it’s so perfect, look at your husband, look at your home, look at you Juliet. But look at my husband, a school teacher, have talked to him several times but he won’t listen and he’s even flirting with his female students.

Ha, Sade that’s ridiculous, you and I know Tade will never do a thing like that. So you are saying I am lying right? No, that’s not what I am saying but I trust Tade. I know that’s what you will say, but that doesn’t change what I know. Where is your husband? He’s at work, they are handling a property case, so he’s working a little late.

Honey I am home, where are you?  Welcome, how was your day and office? It was fine. I met with the lawyer today, a young confident lady with the name Pat. She said with the report, the case is ours. We will set the ball rolling and hopefully be in court by next week. Ok, sounds good, take a shower while I serve your dinner. I will be leaving for work very early tomorrow to meet with her so we could start the process immediately he shouted has she is about to close the door

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Juliet was on her way home from the salon when her car broke down, but luckily for her, Tade was just by the corner. He tried what he can on the car but no positive response, he decided to drop her home and call the mechanic to work on the car, and then bring it home after. They got talking, do you know I love my wife so much but I don’t know what has come over her. Now I doubt my love for her. That’s when Juliet was forced to ask him because nobody has ever thought about it to ask him genuinely why he chose to be a teacher when he has a law degree, not even his wife has ever bothered to ask him.

When I was a kid, my parents her rich, we were doing very fine, one happy family, until later when promotion came that my parents started to grow apart, each person pursuing their jobs just for them to keep up with it. The love in the home stopped, the love to the children stopped. I stopped feeling loved. They don’t know what we eat, how we feel, what’s happening to us. I was sad, I hated it, I never enjoyed it, since then I promised myself I will pursue a very simple life because I want to love and enjoy my family, my wife and kids.

Wow, did you tell Sade all these? She doesn’t care, she never asked, she never took the time to understand. She just keep complaining and insulting me. Here we are, home sweet home, thanks for the ride, you are welcome. Hope I didn’t bore you with my story. I wasn’t bored, it’s nice, thank you once again.

Sade I asked you a question, are you seeing another man? How is that your business? Sade replied, when you go flirting with all those female students, you don’t know huh?  I am your husband, and I have the right to know, so answer my question, are you cheating on me? And what nonsense are you saying about me flirting with my students? That’s rubbish. What is rubbish? You have forgotten what you said? Answer me Tade, have you? Sade, I don’t mean all those words; I swear I have never cheated on you in my life. Tell that to the gods Sade replied and left the room carrying a pillow with her.

Meanwhile Nelson’s firm won the case and they are throwing a dinner party for celebration. The ladies were in the other room while the gents in another room getting ready for the party. How is the lawyer Tade asked, she’s fine replied Nelson. Tade continues: that babe is pretty and sexy, how did you get to work with her without touching body. Nelson replied, it’s just work, strictly professional, are you sure you didn’t release in your pants working with the girl?  I said it’s just work, nothing more, Nelson replied in a little harsh way.

Nelson, why do I have the feeling that there is something you are not telling me? Ok fine you want to know? We kissed. Tade screamed what? Yes I know I messed up but I couldn’t help it. Your wife trusted you, why will you betray the trust your wife has for you this way? Says Tade who is now a little sad, get dress and lets be on our way. We are running late already

Juliet the men should be ready by now, we better be ready too before they get here. Don’t worry Sade, I am ready, what about you? I will soon be ready just applying the last part of my makeup. All set, let’s go, I think they are already waiting outside.

On getting outside, they saw only Tade without any trace of Nelson, where is my husband? Where is Nelson? Tade answer me, he is coming. Honey I have something to tell you, Nelson echoed from behind. Honey what’s it? What’s happening? You are scaring me? What do you want to tell me? I broke the vow. She was shocked but Sade was even shocked the most.

Tade and Sade left the scene, the next place I saw them was in a nice restaurant having a romantic dinner and saying their vows again. I love you Sade, I love you too Tade.


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