‘LIVING LIFE ‘ what a funny RACE you must run

'LIVING LIFE ' what a funny RACE


A funny race everyone that makes it to earth, must run.

Here today, gone tomorrow. No one knows when he or she will go.

We fight, strive, lie, cheat, kill, deceive, believe, obey, complain, live honestly, all to survive in this dark road no one can tell when his or her journey end.

No one knows tomorrow, only our hopes know. So we hold on to our hopes following its direction.


Hopes still do not guarantee our tomorrow. It keeps reminding us of our path but without a map. It always tells us that “patience is the key to finding the map. And that only the patient ones get the torch that illuminates the path to their tomorrow, through hope”.


Many lose faith in hope and take the short cut that does not need patience, but getting their hands dirty. We all know their different ends

Whether you get rich or die poor, we all can escape of death. What stands is what people remember us for.

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Our wealth and achievements cannot prevent us from dying. Why then do we cheat, kill, destroy others, tell lies and treat people badly?

From dust, we came. To it, we will return, use your achievements to make this world a better place for living because it’s the only testimony that makes this race that no one knows his or her ending, worth running.


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