Like a Mermaid


Like a mermaid, she swam in the hurts of her heart.
Like a pirate I was, soaring through the wind of the sea in search of a treasure,
I saw her swim across, ahead of my ship,
I was marveled at her beauty,
Beautifully she swam, the colours of her tail caught my eyes.
I decided to stop her, ” maybe she’s the treasure I’ve been in search of “, my mind said to me.

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With my compass pointing her direction,
Immediately I realized I could lose her,
I ordered my underlings to stir her direction.
Across the ocean, in pursuit of her; she was so fast .
All because of her broken heart, she was unaware of all that happened around her, the memories of the joy of her lover who left her, she meditated on.
Suddenly, she stopped.
Realizing she had journeyed far from home,
She then looks behind, and there I was, with a smile.
With joy in my heart knowing for sure,that I’ve finally found all I was in search of.
I invited her on board, but because of her broken heart, she was unsure if really she should come with me.
I promised to mend her heart and give her all she would ever asked.
With my words, I abolished her thought of forever being alone.
A sense of relaxation was bestowed upon her soul; she came on board and we sailed away.

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