Lifestyle Changes and the Effects On Relationship

life changes

The most common thing in life is change; this change comes in different forms and ways. It can be in situation and humans; however this change can in turn affect one’s relationship with their partner and people around them.
Often times, a person has his/her character that others know about them but when such person(s) change due to certain situations then things start to take a different turn in their relationship.
For instance, a young lady who is well known to be reserved, happy, and fun to be with, due to certain situation becomes fussy, gets angry at trivial things and all. Or in a case of a man who is usually very introverted all of a sudden becomes a picky person, who finds fault at all instance and verbally criticize others aloud. These examples and more are as a result of different psychological issues that even such individuals may not understand themselves.
Such problems include:
Depression, anxiety, stress, work/success pressure, etc.

How can one help someone who is suddenly not the person they are known for?


Understanding can never be too much, it can be a bit uneasy when such individuals are acting in contrast to what they do normally. Try to be more patient, and try to know that it is only a phase that would probably pass if only they are willing to change.

Seek help for them

Seeking help for one’s loved one is deliberate actions to helping them get themselves back. This help includes praying for them, seek professional help e.g counselor, talk to them, and motivate them when there is need to.

A healthy space

Giving one’s partner a “healthy space” at times is needed, what is healthy space?
At times this lifestyle changes can make people so hostile that they in turn hurt people around them knowingly or unknowingly. Often times even understanding cannot solve the problem of not wanting to take to correction of the emotional ones, then caring and loving them without being hurt is advice.
Healthy space does not mean you will avoid them or leave them by themselves, just that you will avoid every discussion or action that can foster a fight or argument. Understanding fully well that they will apologise with the excuse of being stressed and all
In the case of someone going through depression or life style change, there are steps to overcoming it which includes

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Stop giving yourself excuse or seeking pity

Always remember that no one’s needs you back on your feet like you do, in this case nothing can progress without deliberate effort from you to stop this attitude that is unlike you. In the case when you are comfortable being that way, there is no effort from others that will work. And always remember no one will stay forever when love struggles with understanding.

Seek help, make effort yourself

Make effort to pray, work on yourself and visit counselors in case where you don’t understand yourself. Put yourself in the position of others around you,if you were them would you understand you?

Take things easy and never purposely hurt does you care about,after a while you will only realize that was just a phase only if you make efforts to be better and productive.


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