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      Seeing this movie taught me a lot about the music industry, and career lessons everyone  must  learn. It also taught me a lot about life that we must consider as individuals.



      HAVE ONE FRIEND IN LIFE THAT ALWAYS TELL YOU THE TRUTH. No matter what you think you have become or achieved,  have ome friend that always tell you the truth and always listen to them. If you have more than one,  good for you. That friend can be your family member.  For 2pac it was JADA PINKETT who is still alive and living.


      LESSON 2

      DO NOT LET SOMETHIN YOU DO IN 50 SECONDS COST YOU 50 MINUTES OF YOUR LIFE. For some people it could be more. Their fifty seconds decision can cost them fifty years of their life or a life time of waste. Always THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. Consider the consequences of the choice you make.


      LESSON 3

      WORDS ARE POWER.  In whatever way you put it,  whether in your social media updates,  music,  poetry,  what you say to people you meet everyday affects them. We are emotional beings and every word you direct to someone carries an emotion ,  so watch your words. In other words THINK BEFORE YOU TALK. Dont talk or make decisions when you are angry. Any decision you make in anger will never be correct because you are not in the right state of mind.


      LESSON 4

      AS AN UPCOMING ARTISTE OR BUSINESS PERSON, 80% OF THE PEOPLE YOU APPROACH FOR HELP WILL WANT TO DRILL YOU. Yesss DRILL YOU. They want to make money off you cause they know you want the fame and you don’t know how the industry work yet so they will want to use you. Some of them will make you sign a slave contract without you knowing . Always tell them to reveal their intentions and give you a copy of the contract form to go through yourself before signing. If you don’t understand anything in it,  take it to a good lawyer. Let him give you a go ahead before you sign it. And keep a copy of the contract form you signed. You will need it in the future. Never go into a contract with any label without knowing what it entails. Always ask them to pur everything in writing. And never get yourself drunk in a business meeting or dinner. You might sign a contract you don’t want to get into without knowing.


      LESSON 5

      NEVER ENGAGE IN ONE NIGHT STANDS. It is a door way to being framed for rape. As a celebrity or a celebrity In the making,  not everyone that ask for your autograph do it in genuity. some do it to monitor your growth and find ways to bring you down. Haters are always your friends at first so always keep your closet clean. Give people no room to frame you.

      People that are not your haters will want to make money (quick money ) off you or your career,  so be wise. Show the ladies and your fans love always but don’t give them room to frame you or bring your career down that you put so much hard work to take where it is.


      LESSON 6

      BE THE BOSS OF YOUR LIFE. In this movie,  2pac Amaru Shakur wasn’t the boss of his life. All his life we worked for record labels that used him. When he was about to make a decision that would have changed his life,  (the decision of owning his own label) his boss came up with a record label under his own with a controversial name that is like the red beam of a sniper .To be established in a city runned by his rival as at then when the East Coast West Coast gang thing was a heat in America. This was his death sentence. Had he started his own label and left his boss to be on his own,  maybe he would have still been alive and gotten over his then BEEF with Notorious Big.

      Never let people make decisions for you,  if you must let them do make sure you are in control of it,  and it is for the good alone,  not to your detriment and the lives of your fellow man. Many problems in the world today,  results from people allowing people to think for them. Always be the captain or boss of your life,  if you must make decisions make it good for the whole of humanity. And never be afraid to walk away from what is wrong.


      LESSON 7

      NEVER ACCEPT GIFTS THAT YOU CANT AFFORD FROM STRANGERS. Oh yeah!  Everyone finds it hard to reject a free gift,  after all its free. You didn’t ask for it. And it will help you take care of a lot of things or it will be useful in a lot of ways. I stick to you rejecting it. You know why? Majority of the times they come with a favour you are obliged to definitely give back. A price you must pay in a future date that will cost more than the gift you accepted. Something that will cost you a fortune. For 2pac,  it was his freedom from Death Row Records his accepting gifts from Suge Knight cost him. Suge was documenting all the favours 2pac owe him without 2pac knowing. When it was time to leave the record label,  Suge showed him the document which he was very surprised to see. This got him forfeiting his desire to leave Death Row Records.

      Many have been slaved to death because of favours or gifts they receive from strangers. Things they can’t afford. Be wise,  A Word They Say Is Enough For The Wise.


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