Jesus! Jesus!! Please save me; The Agony of a Woman


Sometimes I think to myself what will I do if I was created a woman? I look at women suffer, go through pains in the hands of some men in marriage and I can’t but help to pity them. This always makes me appreciate women the more and also make me think deeply about the question, Ifedapo what if you were a woman? What will you do and how will you handle yourself?

If I were to be a woman, firstly marriage won’t be my priority which means I won’t put any pressure on myself to get married so as for me not to just go for any dick in trouser. This just means any man that wants my hand in marriage has to make me understand why he wants me, and make me see the reason for me to marry him and he better has a good reason. It doesn’t mean I will stress or frustrate him, I will be a good friend to him but he needs to make me say “YES I DO” I hope you know what that means?

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Most women run themselves into sorrow because of marriage pressure; I am getting old, oh! All my friends are married, my parents want their grandkids. All these are good if they are done right; if it’s not right all those that pressured you into the marriage won’t go through the pain and sadness with you. You carry the cross alone.

Maybe I should start sounding it loud because it might help some ladies out there that are about to make the same mistake. This is the warning alarm “YOU WILL BEAR THE CROSS ALONE”, the highest anyone can do is console you.

I took a friend that had an accident to the hospital, I don’t like visiting hospitals. There was a woman shouting, screaming Jesus! Jesus!! Please save me in one of the wards, yes that’s where the title came from. I was bothered, sad and worried that what could have happened to the woman to make her scream like that, so I asked out of pity whats wrong with that woman only for me to be informed she is in labor

My spirit went low when I heard this, instantly what came to my mind is my wife will also go through this and I thought to myself I will never let her go through this alone and every pain she goes through in labor will be appreciated.

What makes me write this article is about the other thought I had, this is also how all the women that get pregnant to a man that rejected them and their unborn child go through pain, or even those women that the husbands beat, maltreat and the women their husbands careless about them go through this pain. So why on earth will you give your body to these men? Why will you allow yourself fall in love with this kind of men? What are you doing with this kind of men?

You can even lose your life during the process, so why can’t you be sensitive about it, some women are more careful about losing their money than losing their body, destiny, and life, some are more careful with their phone than their life just like a picture I saw of a father telling her pregnant daughter that she password all the applications on her phone but didn’t password the thing between her legs.

As a woman, you will

1 change your name

2 change your home

3 build a home for him

4 get pregnant

5 lose your shape due to pregnancy

6 almost lose your life in the labor room

7 and even the child won’t carry your name

So why on earth will you allow yourself to be played, taken for granted by a man that doesn’t know your worth? Talk is cheap; you shouldn’t just allow a man use his sugarcoated mouth to talk you into marriage or sleeping with you and lose your life.  Losing one’s life isn’t when you die alone you can still be alive but has already lost it, you should not allow the society to put pressure on you. It is dangerous


The woman going through labor was in distress, I know this due to the way she was screaming. She might go through all this stress and still be the one to pay for her hospital bill if the man refuses to show up, she might go through all the pains and her husband will still beat her when she gets home or her husband stays with her all through the period of pains, and after the delivery treat her like the queen she is for giving birth to his child. Which one do you want? The ball is in your court


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