How Being Materialistic Can Affect Your Love Life

being materialistic

Materialism is the love and desire for attractive and beautiful things. Materialism has to do with wanting more of the material processions one sees around.
However there’s a thin line between materialism and greed. Materialism is a big topic in terms of relationship nowadays.
Is materialism a modern day issue?
Materialism is not a modern day topic, it has being in existence before now, from the time individuals will exchange their relative for mirror.
It transcends to the desire to just have that beautiful thing everyone is having, following trends and all.

What are the causes of materialism?

Poverty background

A person who tends to have seen the poor side of life, who have had meal less days, who went through hardship growing up will see material things as a must have.
Materialism is then something that is self trained, and most times self trained characters are usually hard to change.
The desire for material things for these individuals knows no bounds.

Norm- materialism

It can be seen as a norm to some individuals as they see nothing wrong in being materialistic.
How do you tell a person who have constantly heard their parents, older sibling scream to their hearing how they need to strive to have the beautiful things they desired. Most times not through hard work but through others.

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Social pressure

The desire for materialism grew through the things people wear, own and use, through “social media life”, through trends.
This social pressure is of recent the most common cause of materialism, everything displayed on social media are catchy to the eyes especially for the young and vulnerable ones and it takes self discipline most times to overcome this type of materialism.
materialism and relationship

How does materialism play out in relationship?

When an individual sees being in a relationship as a business venture, or as a source to pay bills, or as a means to get all they want and not necessarily need then that is being materialistic. When all you think about is money or any material gain, you can’t find love because the person that has the love to offer might not be rich to provide you with the material things you desire, because of this, you won’t give the person the chance which makes you miss out.
Materialism has nothing to do with gender as it is a kind of greed that both gender tends to have. However materialism can be said to be common with the females.
Over times every girl wants to do the fine hair and other nice braids, of course there is no problem in that only if you are capable to do it for yourself, else occasionally if your partner wants to help out. It is wrong when you feel you can desire want you can’t afford just because you are in a relationship.
The idea of following trend is what has turned a lot of ladies to not having morals, you get stock when you buy a phone you have no idea how to maintain, then you realize most of this trend are series that does not end. And no one will love to have a finer yesterday, hence the need to continue wanting more of the series of the unneedful in most case.
What one fails to realize most times is the function and not fashion, you can have a beautiful dress, shoe and phone that are functioning and does not impose unnecessary pressure on individuals.
This is not to say guys are not materialistic as well, as the search for money and fame for some guys is alarming, some have turned themselves to slave of money. Guy’s kind of materialism is for expensive cars, shoes, wristwatches, and houses. Even when it is obvious they can’t afford these things, they then depend on females to help them get these things.

Effect of materialism in relationship


Attracting wrong partner

A materialistic person will most times attract people who pretend to have what they need, hence they get disappointed after. It’s always very obvious when a guy spots a girl that is very materialistic, most guys like it because it makes their work easier, instead of doing the talk they allow their money do it for them. Less work for them because they have the money to throw around, they knew what she wants, they give it to her and they get what they want in return (her body). It’s a kind of win win situation. It’s just the guys that do not have enough money that get sad and hurt meeting that kind of girl. But true love doesn’t reside in money, which means if you are this girl, you will get played, used and dumped most of the time. The worst part is, a guy can play along with you just to win you over, he can go as far as borrowing all the material things just to entice you and when you are hooked, the whole drama will start unfolding

Unnecessary strife

In relationships partners can tend to be at each other’s case, arguing and shouting over the same issues that they have previously discussed. The materialistic partner will see his/her partner has stingy, selfish and self centered. While the other person will see the materialistic one has being too demanding.
As a result of in ending demands from the materialistic partner, the other person may tend to end the relationship because a demanding person does not see more than the present and such partners can ruin their partners wealth when married.

Emotional frustration

Materialism is frustrating for both the materialistic and the partner. The materialistic would get frustrated each time they don’t get what they want and their partners will see that frustration taken out on them. In rare occasions leading to constant unhappiness as the partner would be frustrated as why he/she can’t please their materialistic partners.

How to overcome materialism

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To discipline oneself is to have it at the back of your mind that only hard work will get you the beautiful things you want. Depending on another individual does not make you look bigger in the actual sense you trade your dignity each time you seek for unnecessary things from the opposite gender.
Hard work pays off in all ramifications, work hard and be comfortable, then those trivial things that are catchy to you will not get to you anymore.

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