Thoughts and Attitudes Are Highly Contagious Diseases

Thoughts and Attitudes Are Highly Contagious Disease


You begin to think like the people you spend a lot of time with.    John C. Maxwell

It is a well-documented fact that thoughts are powerful. Thoughts shape our lives and the event that happen in them. The drawing board of life is the mind and thoughts are the markers we use to create the pictures we want and it is such that whatsoever we create there becomes our last reality. You cannot raise your live above the level of your thinking, no matter how hard you may try.

To change your life the preliminary thing is to change your way of thinking. The differences we see in people are fundamentally difference in thinking, it is often said that as our faces are, so are our thoughts; for thoughts are reflections of the heart. The rich is rich because he is rich at heart, the sad is miserable because of his thought, the poor man is poor because of his thinking too and so it is with every ill that men can conceive, it begins with the thought.

The rapist and murderer must perfect the thought in his heart before he execute it. Our ability to choose and to select our thoughts and be diligent in what we do makes a remarkable difference in our lives and the results we get. You can’t just leave your mind to run around as it wants to, you have to tame and train your own mind.

To control your mind you have to censor what comes into your mind, watch what you eat in a mental sense. So let’s face it, where does thoughts come from? Thoughts come from many places like what you watch and see, what you read and hear but a major thought modifier is not what but WHO?

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Human beings are creatures of influence, nobody is self-made, we all are products of influence and a principle way of shifting or influencing people is to influence the way they think and perceive things. What makes people friends is compatibility at the thought level, the deeper the friendship the deeper the thought resonance and the similar the results in their lives.

You must admit people carefully into your life because you begin to think like people you spend a lot of time with. If you want to prove it, try to trace where you got your convictions from.Thoughts are contagious, it means they can infect and influence other people. The fastest way to a negative life is to flock with negative people; gradually as you dialogue with them and spend more time in their company you begin to see the way they see and act the way they act.

Do you want to be confident?

Find a confident person and begin to spend more time with him/her and with time you find yourself being more confident; that is why King Solomon said he that walks with the wise shall be wise but the fools company shall be destroyed. Thoughts are highly contagious and highly infectious. Thought borne disease are those disorders and problems that arise from negative thinking that we caught from other people, examples include pessimism, fear, distrust, jealousy, hatred, insubordination, disunity and the list goes on. We are all by nature susceptible to the thoughts and behaviors of people around us.

Thoughts are like airborne disease when you come into proximity with the carrier you get infected if you don’t protect yourself, it’s called mental osmosis which is the process negative or positive thoughts move from one person to another.

As you go about your daily work open your eye to differences in people and avoid the danger zones of negative, unproductive people who complains about everything and gets nothing done. Such folks are usually disgruntled and dissatisfied with every new development and it’s everyone’s fault that things are not working for them.

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Mark them and avoid them with religious devotion, your life will be easier and smoother. Are you having difficulty in your relationship or on your job?Find someone who has the results you want and stay around them for some time, as they speak with you and you see their life, their mindset begins to rob off on you leading to a corresponding change in your own outlook too leading to a definite change in your relationship and on your job too. Always remember thoughts are very contagious! Don’t hang around someone except his thoughts will make you a better person.

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