My mum used to drag my right ear with her left hand, holding her right ear with her right hand, and make me drag the left one with my right hand, whenever she sound this warning to me, as a kid growing up in a street that is filled with all sorts of people that you copy both good and bad things from.

    I used to hate her for this, and pray I grow quick so she stop this. But she still does it even at my age 28, whenever she visit my home.

    she know her son takes her heart. one built with GOLD. That GOLD has lost its colour due to different experiences in which her good will was taken for granted.

    She used to be someone that can give her last to help people and go hungry. Today, she prefer to feed herself and loved ones and keep the left over for the next day meal. The loved ones are those who she has tested and known would do same for her when she is in need.

    where has her golden heart gone? I know u will ask. IT IS LOST IN SOCIETY.

    Yes! society, and she is not looking for it. She is okay with whom society has made her now.

    The rate at which youth of these days go after fast money got me back to my mum. The INTERNET, their tool. preying on the hearts of the few that are still retaining the COLOUR GOLD in a society where all are becoming like my mum cuz we don’t know who to trust, these days.

    I UPLOADED her picture on FACEBOOK and beneath it wrote herr name.   ‘ IKUOMOLA QUEEN OLUWAKEMI’, and was about telling the world my experiences with her then, the LED light of my BLACKBERRY phone  started blinking nonstop. I checked I already have 100 COMMENTS and no LIKES. For the first time this is happening on my page.

    Normally when I am touched to let out my heart as a note on facebook, I only get few likes from friends and few comments and encouragement from friends who know me well to encourage what I do. “So I am not the only one that has encountered this BITCH! No offence ladies. Its my first time of using that word. normally I hate it but I have no other word to tell how much I hate her.”

    I said to myself as I checked the comments.


    “u know this IDIOT?”


    “che u no fall for her SCAM?”


    “this fool tried to play you too?l”


    “Mugu fall, gunman wack. Too bad it’s you bro. How much u give her?”


    “Lolz. I told this BIRCH I only give girls I see their Pant money. If she was ready to get down with me I go double the amount give her 50k. Guess what? The stupid BEGGER say I should go to hell with my HORNY self. I did it off course, I still got my 50k. bloody scammer!”


    “beautiful LIAR”.


    “JOBLESS idiot that claimed to be a FIRST class UNIBEN student with 4.60 CGPA, studying computer engineering, stocked and lacked money to complete her project. I asked her to name three parts of the computer we can’t see in ten seconds. Took her an hour to get back to me. how I knew she was a SCAMMER. What my 5year old son would answer in 3 seconds. I cursed her and the jobless generation that will come out of her. she cursed back. what a beggar won’t do. hope u didn’t fall for her cuz young guys these days u fall for beauty easily. and these scammers know. who know if she is a HE. using a SHE face. reply soon as u see this.”


    “I asked the idiot the date of Christmas after her many complain about money for project. she replied, December 25th. I asked her to remind me again on that date. the idiot hissed. sorry bro.”


    unlike the others, my experience was different. I love beautiful girls and hate to see them stranded. A first class for that matter? I gave her 100k cuz I have been in same situation before. Didn’t know it was a scam until this. thanks for letting us know. don’t think I will help anyone online again. Nigerians especially. too many fraudsters from your country these days, my man. GOD help ur country.”


    “gave her the 25k. Didn’t know it was a fraud. she reminded me of my daughter. First class graduate as well. I don’t regret helping cuz I did it on goodwill. I know my GOD that sees all things will get to this Internet fraudster at the right time.”


    “knew she was a fraudster from the onset. first class don’t struggle for funds. it comes to them. I know from experience. If ur family and friends know ur potentials. they will help u even if u don’t have a scholarship.” sorry bro. never trust people you meet on the Internet. 80 percent of them are fake people living fake lives.”


    “haven’t met this one but it’s becoming a common thing that must be addressed. Thank GOD u touching it. The other day one sent me request, let it not be that am puffy , I accepted. next thing he started telling me how he is the only one with problem in the world. he said things I can’t even remember. one I remember is his asking me to help pay his rent money of 100k. he said he know it’s a change for me from my looks on my profile picture, and that car I was resting on. he doesn’t even know I am yet to get a car. I Asked him if I looked like his landlord? the idiot replied “NO”. I told him to get Lost. immediately I blocked him. so many other experiences like that and I blocked them. hope u didn’t fall for it oh? I know u well.


    …..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnand many more comments….

    …. ….scrolling down…..

    I like this one. LOlZ…….


    “I asked the stupid GIRL to send me her naked picture if she wants money. she went to get a black beautiful girl from GOD knows where, forgetting the picture she is using is that of a fair LADY. I told her, if this is ur naked pix, then u are a bleaching murder fucker that is not worth my money. I deal with fresh girls only. The Bastard said am a crazy murder fucker. off course u know I am.

    ………. and more………..



    Hello, this is Queen

    She typed on her facebook direct message to me.

    “Hi, welcome to my world”

    I responded. as I normally do to my new Facebook friends.

    “Thanks. Please am not much of a face booker. mind giving me ur whatsapp number.”

    “sure. 08171850953.”

    “OK. thanks. ”

    “Welcome. ”

    Next, she sent me a Whatsapp message that got us chatting more.


    “Hello, it’s me Queen from Facebook. Just sent me ur Whatsapp number.’

    Checked her Whatsapp profile picture. She is worth the attention. Very beautiful and Naïve girl in her early twenties, from my judgement. THis one na butty, she no get problem at all. Look and dressed decent, no exposing nothing. No public display of natural endowment.

    I said to myself, as I returned to the chat.


    “Queen, welcome to my whatsapp world.”


    “Thanks sir. You are so humble.’


    “If you say so Queen. Lolz. How u doing? Mind telling me more about Queen?


    The problem. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked. I didn’t regret asking anyway.

    “Nothing much.”

    “I already know from your dp that u got a smile that makes the sun and moon seem like they are not shining.”


    ‘Lolz. Thanks sir. Didn’t know that. I am a Final Year student of University of Benin, studying Computer Engineering. currently doing my final year project.”


    ‘Very nice. Rare for a lady to study such course that is dominated by their male counterpart. Keep it up. I like it when ladies go for what people least expect them to go for.”


    “Thank u sir. Why I needed to talk to you on whatsapp. GOD! This battery. Not now. Sir, I have low battery. Will continue chatting later. Thanks for your time.’


    “Welcome, anytime.”

    Happy I was finally getting to meet a fan of my Facebook notes and updates, On which I try as much as possible to reach out to the world And make it a better place.


    ……………… 10:45PM……………………

    I got a Whatsapp message notification. Its her .


    “I can’t even sleep.”

    “Why na?”

    I replied compassinately

    “My project in school ni. Am stocked simply because I am lagging behind financially. A deadline has already been slated this Thursday for submission and defence. Yet I still need 25k and I don’t have it. I really need financial assistance. That’s why I can’t sleep.”



    ‘Understand. Was in the same financial situation while in school.”



    “25k is not a problem.”


    “For GOD! In my situation, I went down on my knees and prayed to HIM. Even fasted till I got the amount I needed. If HE helped me. HE will do same for you. Just pray. Fast if you can. I believe HE will help you.”


    “So you can’t help me???????????”


    “Yes and NO”

    ”  Please na. Why the NO?”

    ” Yes, cuz the money is a change.’

    ‘Why the NO?”

    ”  I don’t get you. NO because?”


    “NO because I don’t trust Internet friends. I have been played a lot of times by them. Most especially you girls. One don’t know who is a girl and a guy online anymore, these days.”


    “Please now. Am a girl. Queen, 4 real. You can dial me now to confirm. Not everyone are the same. I am real. I beg of u, help me with the money, I really need it to complete my project.”


    ‘The last one I helped, turned out to be a guy acting as a girl. Himself and the girl he was using her pictures shared the spoil. You could be their friend, who knows?”


    “Please na. Am not like that. Am a first class material. Why am scared. I can send you details of my previous results if you want. Am currently on a 4.60 CGPA. If I don’t complete the project before Thursday, I won’t graduate a First Class. Please I beg you in the name of GOD. Don’t let your experience with others stop u from helping. Please. Am real.”


    Before I could finish reading her texts a picture popped up after her message. It was her continuous assessment result. Her picture in coloured at the top.


    ‘Do you believe me now? Sent my result to you already. I believe you have seen it.”


    “Yes. Seen it. I believe you now. You are truly a first class as you said. Sorry for doubting you. You won’t. Be stranded. Help is coming right away.”




    ‘Welcome. Wish I could help. Am sorry. But I can’t. Don’t trust Internet friends. Anyone could come up with anything just to get money. But I have a GOD that doesn’t fail those that trust HIM. Commit the situation to HIM. HE will help you. HE is all you need now. Not me. I believe HE will help you before the week run out.”


    “But Thursday is the deadline.”


    ‘You will get the help you need. You will get more than the 25K you need.”




    “Don’t thank me. Thank GOD. He is the one that will send you the money.’




    “Go down on your knees and talk to HIM. HE did it for me, HE will do it for you.”


    ‘ I only have Tuesday and Wednesday left, you are talking GOD.’


    “I understand. The money is not a problem, I still think u should go dow on your knees and pray, to him. HE will provide it.”


    “It’s 25k I need, PASTOR, not a sermon. Am talking money, u talking GOD. Goodnight. you are not taking me serious. Goodnight. GOD punish your poverty life for wasting my time.”


    ‘See me see wahala oh! Begger dey vex? Chebi you give me money owe ni?”


    ‘Your father begger! You are not serious. Common 25k you cannot provide. I believe you are not even the owner of that car you used on your profile picture. Idiot!”


    “Lolz. Na beg you go beg till you die.”


    “Get Lost! Poverty kill your poor ass. See, I know your types. I bet you have not eaten since morning. Leave my space and let me be. Idiot. I even wasted my time on him!’



    I Sent a big mouth wide open emoticon with it.


    ‘GOD punish you today. I knew you were fake the moment you started bringing up stories to get money from me and decided to play along. GOD curse you. You won’t scam anymore person before you die.”


    ” Get Lost! Poor bastard!”


    The last I heard from the scammer. I sent her a more FRESH picture of me smiling and laughing out loudly, the middle finger of my right hand up, the rest down. Underneath it, this text:


    ” Does this dude look like 25K is a problem to him? Have met your types a million times, I will tell you what I told them, get a life. GOD JUDGE you for taking advantage of people’s goodwill. Get a life DUDE. You just GOT SERVED. STUPID JOBLESS SCAMMER. GOD JUDGE YOU.”

    Inspired by a true life experience. Mind how you trust people you meet online. Majority of them a fake ass individuals who go about with other people’s faces and take advantage of people’s goodwill.



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