Ask yourself; Can This Man I Want to Marry Lead Me and the Family Well?

can he lead me

There are lots of married men out there just that not all of them should get married, but they won’t also want to be single hence why they also get married. The only people I have pity for are those women that ended up marrying them. Do you want to be a victor not a victim of marriage? There are some men you should run as far as possible from.

How do you know the men to stay with and the men to run from, it all falls to just one single question which I will employ you to ask and answer yourself with all honesty. Nevertheless if you fail to answer with honesty, no problem, it’s your life you will bear the cross

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What’s this one question that will liberate you for a successful marriage, the question is CAN HE LEAD ME WELL?

Marriage is just like a president and the vice president, they are both the president just that one leads and the other supports, the other helps. They work hand in hand to ensure the country(home) they are governing have a better life but their job is different, one is the commander while the other supports the command whether the command is good or bad and help him achieve his command.

The reason why you as a lady need to ask yourself this question concerning the man you want to marry is because, God our creator identified the purpose of a woman in marriage. This purpose can be found in genesis

“For its not good for a man to be alone, I will find him a help meet for him”. Genesis 2:18

“HELP” in this context means someone that will support and provide the necessary things for a task to be accomplished while the “MEET” in the context means that the person that will provide the help must be suitable. Therefore we can rewrite that verse by saying

“For its not good for a man to be alone, I will find a support suitable for him”.

After God said this, he created a woman which definitely implies that the woman is the support that is suitable which God was talking about. In this case, it means the woman’s purpose is to support/help her husband

According to “SUPPORT” means “to promote the interests or cause of, to uphold or defend as valid or right”. And HELP means to give or provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need; contribute strength or means to; render assistance to; cooperate effectively with;

Looking at this definition, it simply means that a woman’s purpose is to promote the interests or cause of her husband; she should uphold her husband or defend his command as valid or right, she should give or provide what is necessary for her husband to accomplish his task. From this little explanation, ask yourself; if I should get married to this man, will I be able to fulfill my purpose of support and help? Because little or nothing can be done if you are trying to fulfill your purpose, trying hard to give support or provide what is necessary for your husband but he is turning it down and cursing you instead. Telling you that a woman doesn’t do anything than to cook, wash clothes and make babies.

Many women today are frustrated in their marriages just because that chance wasn’t available for them to fulfill their purpose. There is no way you will take a fish out of the water and put it on a dry land expecting the fish to fulfill its purpose. The fish will be frustrated and die instead which is the predicament of many women in marriage, they are dead even though we can still see them physically but deep inside of them, they are so dead.

You are in a relationship filled with love, playing love in Tokyo, just like we see it in movies, this has captured your mind and has made you to forget the necessary questions to ask yourself, also the important things to look out for before you agree to walk down the aisle with the man.

Let me tell you this if you don’t know, the couples that are divorced today were so much in love once. What happened to that love?

Leading and leading well are two different things, the husbands in every marriage are all leading but you will identify the one that is leading well from the one that is not leading well from the home and family.
What do you as a lady want for yourself in marriage? Everything that will happen in your marriage is within you; all you have to do is to do the right things. Remember the way you lay your bed is how you sleep on it. That man you want to marry will be the one leading while you follow and obey the last command. Can you follow the man’s leading?

Will that man lead you to life or to death? Will he lead you to happiness or sadness? Will he lead you to church or club? Will you be the only one he will lead or he will add more ladies with you and lead the two/three of you together? Will he lead your children well? Can you close your eyes and still be 100% he will lead you to somewhere great not the slaughters house?


Some women were doing great before marriage but immediately they got married they became miserable and frustrated. The men are the commander in chief in marriage, they are the leaders at home, will that man lead you to greatness? Think deeply about it; don’t forget “HE LEADS AND YOU FOLLOW, HELPING HIM REACH THE DESTINATION”.

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