7 Simple Ways On How To Win A Girls Heart

7 Simple Ways On How To Win A Girls Heart


1. Be her friend

First step for you to make the work easier is to be her friend, she get more comfortable around you is she notice you are a good friend and by so doing she tends to listen to whatever you have to say. During this process of being her friend,make sure you never allowed your intentions to be known because this can drift her away from you. So take it one step at a time and let her be totally free with you

2. Be nice and polite(be a gentleman)

Sometimes ladies gets on ones nerves and behave in away that could be frustrating, don’t get angry,don’t be mad just act maturely,smile and take it like a real man. By doing this you get a step closer to winning her heart because she gets more comfortable around you and she feels secure. She will see that you are man enough to handle her sh!t

3 Be Confident

Confidence goes a long way in winning a girls heart. Women loves men who can stand tall,command respect,knows what they want,go for it and take the blame that comes out of it. Note: don’t mix confidence and pride together, they are two different things and women hate proud guys and guys with ego

4. Dress Well

In cases like these,one needs to be careful. When some men hears dress well,what comes to their mind is dress sophisticated,be expensive but reverse is the case. Dress well simply means, be neat,be smart and look good.
i. Be neat: shave if necessary and let all your face be seen
ii. Be smart: where a dress that fits you and your stature, don’t wear oversize or a shirt that is too small
iii: Be attractive: with these dressing,no lady will be able to resist you

5. Have a good sense of humour

If you surely can make her laugh, then you have a higher chance of winning her heart. Ladies like guys that have a good sense of humour. But at the same time always remember too much of everything is bad, so don’t take the humour too far and off limit. Know when to be humourous and know when to be serious. Stop when her reaction says so

6. Be caring

Being caring goes more than just buying her gifts and taking her out. Though gifts and outings take the majority but you also have to be there for her. You need to care for her emotions. Whenever she needs someone to talk to you must be readily available. Sometimes she might tell you her experience with men,particularly about her recent man. Don’t take it hard, be a man, hold her,cheer her up,encourage her,make her laugh and advice her on what to do. Trust me you are just a step to winning her heart

7. Let Your Intentions Be Known

During the process of winning her heart, do not forget to make your intentions known but be subtle about it. Don’t rush it on her, find a proper time to tell her your heart desires.

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