6 Types of Relationship You Should Avoid At All Cost

types of relationship

Relationship is the interaction between two individuals for a purpose. A relationship itself is not a relationship if it does not have the word “purpose” in it, to a lot of individuals relationship is more or less “try by error”.

When two individuals have feelings of love between them they then think that is enough criteria for relationship disregarding other vital factors as God’s plan, compatibility, individual vision etc

Not everyone standing by the high way is going your way; you can have a beautiful interaction. With an individual you met standing close to you, what makes the difference is when you are ready to board a bus; there you will know you were standing for a purpose at first. I can’t imagine two individuals going to different location try to merge their contrasting journey, of course one person will have to change his/her direction but sooner or later he/she would realize if it was worth it.

However after the full knowledge of the fact that relationship is the driving force which leads to marriage and also continues after marriage; if you are looking to be married and tired of getting in and out of relationships then there are some relationships you should avoid, these includes:

toxic relationship

1 Toxic relationship

As the name implies a toxic relationship is a harmful relationship where one partner’s mind, self respect purpose, beliefs are greatly affected. Toxic relationships could be in form of obsession, anger issues, laziness, jealousy etc. And victims of toxic relationships are most times emotionally, financially down, as the main purpose of happiness is already lost.

Individuals in a toxic relationship feel it is their right to “help” the other person, there is no problem in helping one another only if the person wants to be helped.

A relationship can be said to be toxic when one is never at peace in the relationship, when conflict is the tune of the relationship and when there is abuse (verbally, physically etc)

A toxic partner would only drag the other down and feign insecure.

Insecurities are meant to worked on not taken out on others, in a situation a person is overly insecure those individuals can be monitoring the every move of the other person, can tend to castigate the other verbally, can tend to beat their fears out of the other partner.

All this are in no way a normal relationship. If you see your partner talking you down almost all the time, you seem not to have a normal conversation without it resulting into heated argument, then it’s not a good relationship and don’t you ever think of managing it; move on. You don’t want to spend your whole life feeling inferior, like you are not good enough, like you are not human, getting scared and afraid for no reason. No it’s a bad life because the partner will make you lose your self confidence, you don’t want to walk that lane.

formal relationship

2 Formal Relationship

Communication is important for any relationship to work; however when partners don’t talk as friends then such relationship with time will be uninteresting. When partners talk to one another like their portfolio manager, business colleague, a distant friend etc. Individual in this kind of relationship tends to have friends they talk freely with which can affect the relationship. When individuals can’t say how much they know the other person in the relationship, that’s not healthy for a relationship. There are some relationship that the man handle it like a dictatorship government, the woman doesn’t have any say, whatever the man says is the final. If this, is happening in your relationship then it’s time to opt out because you can never enjoy yourself, it’s more like a master slave kind of relationship and the slave is always on receiving and obeying the last order

static relationship

3 Static Relationship

A static relationship is going nowhere; a static relationship is based only on emotions and not the reality of things. A static relationship is not intentional rather it is emotional, and no matter how long one stays in this kind of relationship it would be wasted time if the individuals are comfortable being that way.

A static relationship can be for years and yet no result. Static relationship can be as a result of cohabitation, assumed marriage, working together etc. Each partner is already found of the other, there’s nothing “new” about the relationship…… nothing to excite one another.

A static relationship can also be a “routine relationship” everything goes as it used to hence no need to change.

Most times cohabitation does not increase chances of getting married, it only drives people to a point that they can’t define what they have, and they are neither married nor unmarried. And if they should make the mistake of getting pregnant, then that’s the beginning of problems in the relationship especially for the woman. You don’t want to put yourself in a situation where you don’t even understand what’s happening yourself, a situation where the man will wake up one day and ask you to excuse him, you are no more wanted and vice versa

 exhausting relationship

4 Exhausting Relationship

Any individual who is doing the “everything” in a relationship is headed to being an emotional wreck. When only one person prays, call, buy things, love, and teach in a relationship, and the other person is only on the receiving side. The one doing everything will get exhausted by the one sidedness.

Many at times individuals like when love is reciprocated when there is mutual interest in a relationship.

Often time a person may be willing to put more time and resources into his/her relationship but only finds it disappointing when the other person is not feeling or doing same.

Some people don’t appreciate what they obviously know they can’t do and see their partner do for them, and that will only make other person more exhausted

baseless relationship

5 Baseless Relationship

Values are very essential to individuals, when your values are not right your attitude won’t be right.

A baseless relationship is one that both partners don’t share the same belief, and values. Where one person’s “do” is the others “don’t” where things are always contrasting

Of course individuals are created to be different and that’s where “understanding” takes place, but when people are in a baseless relationship as a result of lack of communication, they then struggle to understand one another.

Another part of a baseless relationship is lies, as the saying goes “a relationship built on lies cannot hold” if the thing one lies about will make the other person just endure you, then there are no right basis for the relationship.

Also religion, morals, custom, purpose, goals and self trained character etc are the key factors that form the right basis of a healthy relationship.‎

abusive relationship

6 Abusive Relationship

Abusive relationship is a pattern of abusive and coercive behaviours used to maintain power and control over a former or current partner. Abuse can be emotional, financial, sexual or physical and can include threats, isolation, and intimidation. Abuse tends to escalate over time. Physical abuse means any form of violence, such as hitting punching, pulling hair, and kicking

This is a terrible kind of relationship, it’s not to be handle with levity, it’s not to endured or managed. One thing I want you to know is that, the problem isn’t with you that is being abused but with the person giving it and the battle the person is fighting isn’t with you but internal. If you find yourself in this kind of relationship don’t even try defending him because he is going to ruin you and you can lose your life. You can’t love a person like that so don’t tell me you love him because that’s not what love is.

If you are being abused by your partner, you may feel confused, afraid, angry and/or trapped. All of these emotions are normal responses to abuse. You may also blame yourself for what is happening. But no matter what others might say, you are never responsible for your partner’s abusive actions. It’s their choice to be abusive, it is and will never be your fault so don’t blame yourself for it but get help as soon as possible

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Most people that have this trait don’t stop, it always go worse, if your partner is exhibiting this trait, it will be best for you to run. Even if it’s just slapping your partner is exhibiting now, there is 99.9% chance it will escalate, so please do yourself a favour, love yourself more than you love him/her and quit.

If you are reading this article, you are on the right path to having a TILL DEATH DO YOU PART RELATIONSHIP, with your partner or partner to be.  It’s only mature people that agree they don’t know everything and make effort to increase their knowledge and develops their mind. WELL DONE. I encourage you to read more of our articles and tell your partner, friends, family members, and anyone you can about us and share this article. We will also appreciate your feedback and what you think about our works. 


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