5 New Year Resolutions That Will Affects Your Relationship

new year resolution

Hello everybody, it’s a new year and we all get to talk and plan ahead of the new year but at the end we get carried away and won’t do what we have planned for the new year. I am writing this to give us some insight on how we should work this new year on yourself to give you a perfect relationship.  Did your relationship give you a set back the past year? Did your relationship/marriage break you and mess up with all what you have planned to achieve in the year? This is another year, how do you plan to handle your relationship that won’t affect your planned goal for the new year.

1 Be focus on your goal:

Relationship is very important in everybody’s life, but it shouldn’t be the priority. When you put relationship as your number one aim there is every chance that you will be heart broken and disappointed severally. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying relationship isn’t a good thing, what I am saying is that focusing on relationship could be very disastrous. Focus on your goal especially Gods purpose for your life and I tell you, your relationship will walk in and work smoothly [ You May Also Like: How To Be Happy and Handle Your Marriage If Your Husband Cheats]


2 Don’t make relationship your priority:

the main culprits are the ladies in this avenue, more than five ladies chatted me up last year and told me they want to get married this new year, when they told me I laugh because I wish they could see what I am seeing. But the number one problem I noticed is that most of us don’t read, which has limits our understanding to just a particular area. Marriage is not something to pick a year or date for and it’s not something you can rush into. Marriage is the kind of institution that people who are in it wants out and people who are out wants to get in by all means but they have forgotten that when you are in, you can’t get out, so why are you trying so hard to get in when you don’t even know what you are getting into. I know of two friends that the ex-girlfriends that are married came back to meet them that they should continue their affair of dating just after few months and years of marriage. I just laughed now, you know why? Because I know most people will say my marriage won’t be like that after reading these


3 Set your priorities right:

I have a boss that always tell me to be on top of my job, that if I am on top of my job, no company, no establishment, and no boss can treat me anyhow or fire me because they know my worth and they know what they will be losing if I should leave. So instead of them threatening me with a sack letter or memo, it will be the other way round. I will be the one to threaten them, ask for increment in salary when I want because I know my worth and I know what I can offer. That’s how every relationship should be, especially ladies that’s how you should take your relationship and no man will be able to take you for granted. Ladies watch out, I didn’t say you should be rude or you shouldn’t be submissive but what I am saying is build yourself, be of worth, be unique and let any guy that sees you know what they will miss if they don’t get to marry you. And guys know the kind of man you want to be, you can’t be jobless, have no vision, not focus and don’t know what you want to do or become and you want to be in a relationship. Well you can be in a relationship but you get in a relationship with a lady like yourself which makes growing very difficult

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4 Build you:

when it comes to a relationship, most people don’t know what they want, which also affects them building themselves. Know what you want, when you know what you want it gives you a clue on how to achieve it and how to be it. For example, I want to be a doctor, because I want to be a doctor has giving me an insight the kind of course I need to do, the kind of books I need to be reading and the kind of exam I will take and the school I will go to achieve it plus the number of years it will take me. With these, I already know where I am going and how I am going to get there. So build yourself to a certain level and stage and the kind of man and woman you meet are the ones with your same standard and together you can build and grow. If you want to be treated like a queen you have to act like one and behave like one and same goes for the guys too. You want to be treated like a king; you need to act like one


5 Know yourself and know what you want:

When I ask you want kind of man do you want, you can’t just tell me a tall and caring man. There is more to a relationship than just be tall and caring, what if he is tall and caring like you said. He is your type of man right, so you started dating each other, you now discovered there are many things involved in a relationship than just being tall and caring. Let’s say maybe he is useless and won’t work or he put all the house responsibilities on you after marriage, what will you do? Or maybe all he does is care for you, gives you everything you want but never his attention and you are the type that loves attention, what will you do? I don’t mind you giving a full sheet of your kind of man or woman. Then I know you know what you want. So in this new year, know yourself and draft out what you want, we all have different taste, so don’t judge with what others want, judge with want suits you. I have a friend that wants two wives, that’s what he wants and I can’t judge and draft my list with what he wants. If you want to be a career woman or man, I will say you find a career woman or man too that will support your dream and not kill it because most dreams die immediately after marriage

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