4 Reasons not to Use Sex in Choosing Your Partner

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I was at a seminar and the female guest speaker told the women that, a man doesn’t need to sleep with a woman for him to know if he is potent because the penis always stands erect in the morning. So they shouldn’t let any man deceived them in getting into their pants just to test his potency.

When she said that I smiled, I smiled because things have changed; things are no more what they used to be. It was before that the men are known for that but now the women are even more bothered about sex than the men, even some of them choose their partner with the size of his penis or by how good he is in bed forgetting that, the bedroom is just one part of the marriage.

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Have seen situations that when women meet a man who know the implications of pre marital sex and won’t engaged In it, they take it to be the man is impotent, due to this thought they disturb the man and try all possible means just for the man to sleep with them for confirmation. Some women even break up with the man that won’t have sex with them before marriage. Things have gone so wrong, that it fears me what is happening to this generation.

What is in your mind is what you act out, a man that is disturbing a woman that doesn’t want to have sex for sex, telling her that he wants to confirm some nonsense is because the thought has been on his mind how the women private part will be like and the same thing applies to women. Which means, all what is in their mind is sex, when the sex is done and dusted they are left with nothing to do because they don’t have anything to offer other than sex. The only time they can be a wife and husband is in bed.

People get married every day, divorce rate is increasing, marriage is producing frustrating men and women, sad and emotionally corrupt children but still people are not learning. If only people put as much effort in knowing other things about their partner as they put into sexual life, maybe, just maybe marriages will last longer than the men in bed.

The room is important in marriage but the room is not only the thing in marriage, in short out of 24 hours of the day and 365 days in a year you will need your husband/wife more outside the room doing their work than in the room, so why neglect that and focus only on the room.

Ladies, let me tell you this, you can choose your man according to the size of the penis and as time goes by in your marriage, you will forget if your husband is having a penis or not when you are miserable, sad and frustrated and the last thing that will be on your mind is sex

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it’s not important but what I am saying is that you have to tick other boxes for marriage not just the sex box and believe everything is good, it’s when you are happy that you will remember romance or even getting pleasure from intercourse. I know of women that haven’t had sex in years and they are not divorce, their husband is alive and they are still together. Some times when I come across women like that and I had the opportunity to ask them questions, when I ask why their sex life is like that? The response is always on the same line that sex is not even on their list and they are not even sure their sex hormones are still working; they don’t have a settled mind, the drive isn’t there, they are so engrossed with problem and sadness that leave them no room to think about sex.

Marriage is just like the kingdom of God, “seek first the kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added onto you”. The same thing applies to marriage, “seek first a good man/woman and every other thing will be added onto you.” Including the sex that wanted to blind your eyes in making the wrong choice.

In preparation for marriage you can’t skip rules, you can’t jump steps, you have to follow it from one step to another. This is the only way you can enjoy your marriage and not endure it. There are many boxes you need to check and tick in that man/woman in preparation for marriage. It’s like going to war but you only checked your gun and off you go with the believe that’s all you need. What happens to you checking if you have extra bullets in case exhaust the ones in the gun, what about touch light because of darkness etc?

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You can’t just check the size of the man’s penis or how good the man his in bed or how sexy the woman is and believe you are good to go or even leave a good man because of the size of his penis. If you do this, you have already lost the battle before it started

4 Reasons not to Use Sex in Choosing Your Partner

1 Because you need more than sex in your marriage: you need your man to be a man, you need him to take up his responsibility, you need him to take charge and lead you. You need him to be a husband and a father which is not measured by sex and vice versa

2 You will get tired of it

3 If you choose a wrong partner because of sex, when the problem starts the man might not even look at you, so he won’t touch you. So what’s the point after all, when the man refuses to have sex with you but having another woman outside marriage instead?

4 if there is problem which I am sure there will be, you won’t remember what sex is or how it feels. You will lose yourself totally and maybe spend most of the time in tears and sadness.

In conclusion, if you think deeply about it, you will see there are more disadvantages than advantages in using sex as the major reason in choosing your partner.

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