3 Things You Need For You to Reach Your Goal

reach your goal

                           Fortune favors the brave.

December 1, 1955 on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama the unthinkable was unfolding right before a bewildered commuters. Anyone on the bus that fateful day would have considered the young woman making the scene deluded. How could she under God’s heaven go against such strong tides of injustice? The instruction from the driver Mr. James F. was very clear, Parks was to give up her seat in the section to a white passenger, after the white section was filled. Her act of defiance lead to her and arrest and eventual prosecution in the court. Rosa Louise McCauley was an African-American lady, a renowned and active member of the civil right movement fighting against the racial injustice meted against the blacks. The U.S Congress called Rosa “the first Lady of civil rights”, and “the mother of the freedom movement” but that was after she had gone through the rigors of arrest and prosecution which turned out in the favor of the black movement. Her courage and decision to stand in the face of injustice surely triggers some thoughts.

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If there is anything we desperately need in our world today it is young people with a will and conviction cast in iron. We have more people comprising today than those who are standing. Compromise is a powerful word in 21st century, it is a skill that wins everywhere, in the parliament, in the boardroom and the market place. However there are times when it is right to dig your foot in and say, no more! Not today! Not anymore! No! is a powerful word and those who know just when and how to use it are all time winners. In this fast moving and ever spinning world you have to learn how to say no, you have to know what to take and what to refuse. You can’t afford to be open to everything that comes at you or is offered to you, there has to be parameters by which actions and intentions are weighed and judged. Someone said if you stand for nothing you’ll fall for everything and anything. But you can just stand in thin air; to stand you must have something underneath you as a base and rock. You’ll need the following


We live in desperate times and in a bid to make ends meet a lot of folks are cutting corners and lowering their standards just to conform. What do you stand for? Where do you stand? What are the things you’re willing to take and those you’re a willing to die for? The world will make a way for the man who knows he is going. Hello! Do you have a destination in mind which you’re willing to stick out your neck for? What are you worth? What are your values? Another person on that bus that day in 1955 could have decided to back down and lay low to avoid trouble and conform to the popular opinion but not Rosa Parks, it was bad enough that she was segregated but to be deprived of her right by having to stand for another human being like her was a sacrifice too much to make for evil to thrive. How do you see yourself? Are you just another face in the crowd or an icon to be reckoned with? In Yoruba folklore it is said that there is someone beneath the mask responsible for the noise of a Masquerade. The mask isn’t manufacturing the sound all by itself there has to be someone making all that move and doing the dancing. The application is that those who stand for the right in the face of evil and staunch opposition are not standing by themselves something is holding them in a vertical position, it is called conviction.Conviction goes beyond mental ascent to a course or a dogma, it is a whole heart allegiance to a belief or ideology. It is an unwavering commitment to a cause held to be true regardless of the consequence. Conviction precludes and excludes fear;in its full swing, it paralyzes the force of evil and stems the flames of injustice halting the spin of wickedness in its track.


Our values are the things we hold dear and esteem as the most important in life. Values are not mere virtues that we ascent to in the public view rather they are yardsticks by which our actions and judgment are continually weighed regardless the place or time be it publicly or privately. Values are boundary markers that help you to decide how far you can go. You must be faithful to your values, it’s good to have them written them down on paper but more importantly to consistently stay true to them. Early in life as young man in college Madiba, Nelson Mandella could not accept a place in the student body because majority of the students did not participate in the electioneering process. The consequence was that he had to forfeit his studentship in one of South Africa’s most prestigious college at the time. If that was too much for you to process then obviously justice is not one of your values. Society needs to return to a values based thinking where we are not just impressed by the car people drive or the house they live in or the fashion labels they parade but also how they got those things and its attendant effect on the moral fabric of society. We cannot hope to stop sexual violence while we give awards to musicians and movie makers who perpetuate nudity and fester obscenities in lyrics and videos, that’s absolute insanity.


Values talk about you esteem and deem uncompromising as a matter of principle but priorities have to do with what is most important to you per time. You are not wired to be everywhere at all time or to be everything to everything to everyone at the same time. Prioritize! Prioritize!! Prioritize!!! Have a list of what to do and where to be in hierarchy of importance to your short term and long term goals. Living without priorities is like a kite in the air without a rope, it just drift and drift where ever the wind lists. One very consistent attribute of yes yes people is that they don’t have priorities. Nothing is to be done so they drift around clueless to every new fad and style that the media pulls out. You cannot buy every new phone, dress, car that is released, you must have a budget and a spending plan that’s prioritizing. Don’t sit and let society blow you where it wish, sit up and seize the controls of your destiny. Have a plan, have a goal and take time to rank your activities in a way that align with your personal goals. Don’t just anywhere or do anything because you have the time or you have the money or you have the ability to do so. Check your goals, examine your vision and recall your values and every time the decision you are about to take contradicts or negates any of the aforementioned things ditch it and keep moving.

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There is a need for more men and women like Rosa Parks who are informed and well taught and are willing to stand for the truth. So you have a dream, a vision, and a passion to make a change in your world? Stand up for that vision, you might have to start small and even go against the bricks but don’t back down. Keep moving on, keep taking steps. When you face a wall if you can’t climb it then find your way around it and keep moving. Never cringe in the face of opposition remember they are the breakfast of champions. Pick them up, dust them clean and eat them. Stand for truth, for justice, for excellence! Yes stand! BE BOLD!! BE COURAGEOUS!!!

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