3 Things You Must Do to Achieve Success

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Success is desire by many people If not by everybody on earth but just few people make it to success. The ratio isn’t good enough, everybody wants to be successful but few people actually taste success. Why? This is the question some people asked themselves, why can’t I be successful? The answer is simple, there are somethings you are not doing or you are doing wrong.

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In this article I am going to list the three things you must first start doing before you can even think of climbing the success ladder.

1 Change the way you think

Your mind is so strong and powerful, it can help you to overcome incredible obstacles and position you to become what you envision”.

T.D Jakes

Many people take this for granted and it’s the reason for their failure. One of the most powerful tools on earth is our thoughts, your mind; it can break you or make you. The bible says “as a man thinketh so he is”. What this means is that, the way you think determines what you become. Do you think all the rich people are corrupt and are thieves? Then you can never be rich, do you think you can not achieve success? Then you can not achieve success. Before you can be successful you must first think success, when you think success everything you see is success. Even when things happen and others are seeing problems all what you will be seeing will be success.

Two people traveled to India and saw people there without shoes, one person sees a very poor people in a poor country the other person sees opportunities, which is what people call success. Ask yourself this question, with the way I think now, do I think like the first person or like the second person? If you start thinking success, from that point your subconscious mind will start working towards the achievement of success, you will be surprise how every thing will start working towards success for you which people call luck. You might not understand this until it happens to you or has happened to you. Have you ever thought of something and set your mind to it though you don’t have the ability to make it happen and you don’t know how you are going to make it happen but it happened somehow because you think it and work at it and you will be surprised how it happened. Yes that’s your subconscious mind at work

You need to think before you can get some answer, that’s why what you think about is what you will become. You need to think success, if you don’t think it, God won’t put instinct in you and instinct is what you need for success. T.D Jakes says “Instinct plus purpose equals destiny”. And definitely destiny means success. Jakes also says “You can prosper effectively only by drawing on what is authentically in you”. you have to think for you to draw it out

2 You must understand success

This is also very important, if you don’t understand it you can’t get it to work for you. it’s when you have adequate understanding about it that you can benefit from it. What is causing failure in your attempt might be lack of understanding. When you hear the principle of saving just as it was written in the book richest man in Babylon that you should pay yourself first before paying others if you don’t understand this procedure you won’t do it right and after some time you will complain that it doesn’t work, I have paid myself first for months or years and still not is happening. Nothing is happening because of your low understanding on the principle of paying yourself first and until you understand it perfectly, then makes use of it nothing will work still.

Also in the book richest man in Babylon the blacksmith man was advised to invest, which he did but he did it without proper understanding of the investment which made him lose the money he saved in his first attempt of investing. If you don’t understand it and you do it, it brings you back to zero point, and you are frustrated, angry and about to give up because you believed it doesn’t work.

For you to be successful you must have proper understand of how success can be achieved. You can’t just know one of the rules to success and you think you know it and you have the key. You will definitely fail

The reason why we spent years in high school before going to college and then the university is so that we can have proper understanding of the subject. The same thing applies to success, you need to know and understand the step by step guide to success. When I do this I get this, when I do this other one I get this outcome. When you understand it, it begins to work for you

3 Action plan

This says it all, if you think right and understand the principles but without a good action plan you will still fail.

T.D Jakes says “Gods purpose for your life cannot manifest in the midst of chaos. You can’t

action plan for success

reach the place you were destined to be if you are constantly getting sidetracked. You cannot reach your life purpose when everything in your life is undisciplined, distracted and disordered”.

Though God wants the best for you but if you don’t have a well detailed organised action plan it might never come to pass. God is a God of orderliness, we will see this when he created the earth, it was one thing at a time. He looked at the earth and saw what the earth needs; even though they didn’t tell us he planned but definitely you will know he planned it. After doing this, this will be next, after creating light, I should do this next. I will first create water then the fish.

Though God wants you to succeed badly but if you are not orderly then God can’t work you through. It is no more in Gods hands but yours; you are the one causing delay to your success and destiny.

“For things to change you have got to change, otherwise, nothing much will change”.

Things don’t change unless people change them, just like a law in physics; an object is in a state of rest until acted upon by an external force. You are the external force that needs to start acting upon your success. God is not a magician, he won’t turn you into a millionaire overnight, there have to be a certain drafted plan towards it.

Jack Canfield says “you must keep these two pictures front and center, one negative and one positive. Ask yourself “What do I really want- a future where I am always struggling to make ends meet, or a lifestyle of prosperity, joy and fulfillment?”

If you want a future of struggling then you don’t need to do anything but if you want a future of lifestyle of prosperity you need to draft out your action plan now. What do I need to do to achieve this lifestyle? Start thinking about it and set the goals for yourself then act on it

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If you can do these 3 things successfully then I will tell you congratulations because you are already on the pathway to success.

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