3 Solid Reasons to Start Off Your Dreams Now

3 solid reasons to start off your dreams now

I often hear people say funny things like “am just waiting for things to get settle before I start” the other would say “I need a well-furnished and equipped shop before I launch out” another would then reply “I just need money, if I can get all the money that I need, I will do it”.

Guess what? They never will, not with all the money in this world handed to them, why? Those who started didn’t start because they had all the money they needed or because they had everything they needed, they did start because they had a will to move regardless of the things as they are.

Your problem is really not money or equipment your problem is fear and ignorance. The biggest companies in the world didn’t start off as big corporations; if someone had offered them to you when they started you’d curse him and spit on him for offering you such a ridiculous idea, why? They didn’t look like what they are today; they were small and struggling like pneumonic patient.

To survive in today’s world you need two G’s which are God and Google. We can’t phantom God but where did Google popped out from?  Two guys from Stanford University (I wish it was in Nigeria), Larry Page and Sergey Brin met in 1998, and started out on a project dubbed “backrub” which investigated how sites linked back to other web pages.

The two friends soon found out that helping people find pages with more incoming links would be a more fantastic way to search the internet and that was the beginning of the company called “Google”. Now please guess where it started from? A friend’s garage

The goal of Google was simply to organize the world’s information thus making it easier for people to get access to.

By the middle of the year it was launched Google was averaging 10,000 searches in a day just guess what the figure would be today. In 2004 six years it starting in a garage Larry and Sergey went public with their company and raised a whopping $1.67 billion

Today Google controls between 50 and 70 percent of the world’s search business market and now they have moved into software development and a host of other products making them a real-time threat to the likes of Microsoft.

Seventeen years ago Google didn’t stand where it stands today; the journey to greatness characteristically has humble beginnings. You may have a big dream and that is alright but you have to learn to start small.

The best place to start is right where you are, don’t wait till the containers arrive with your name on it. Don’t wait for a big website and a corner office before you take a shot at your dream.

Start now and work your way up the ladder of greatness. Remember that those who grow up stay up, but if you jump up, you will come down, so if you just seem from nowhere with no history or preparation you will certainly disappear.

Don’t despise the days of little beginnings, don’t cast aspersion on what you have now because what you have in your hands is a seed for the future. Everything you dream and wish to see is locked up within that humble beginning.

Let’s look at 3 solid reasons to start off your dreams now that people don’t know or bother to look into that have killed their dreams maybe yours could be saved

1 if you wait, your dreams also wait.

I was reading a book, can’t really remember the title would have mentioned it so you can also get it to read. The writer mentioned that for you to meet your dream then you have to wake up from your sleep, I smiled when I read it but it makes a lot of sense to me. A dream is a dream and its nothing like reality, reality gives you a lot of hard times more than the dream. If you refused to wake up and do something then your dream only remains a dream.

What’s stopping you from starting? What are you waiting for? Money? Help? Economy? A partner? What I want you to know is that, when you wait, your dreams also wait, if you wait 10 years to set the ball rolling, your dreams also will wait for 10 years. What this means is, your dream needs you and you are the only thing your dream needs, not money, not the economy but YOU.

If you fail to make a move now and start something, start somewhere your dream also fails. Stop delaying your dream, start somewhere and make it a reality. You don’t have that time, just start already

reasons success will follow

2 when you start people will support but don’t wait for them

Your dream is your dream, nobody goes into your dream with you, just you or maybe if you know a way to take people to your dream, well it will make more sense because that will make people to understand what you are up to then they will see things the way you are seeing it.

But if you can’t do this then I will tell you not to wait for people, the people you are waiting for doesn’t understand your dream, they don’t know what you are seeing even if you tell them and try to explain, they won’t understand but labeled you a fool instead or shoot your dream down.

They will do all these because they don’t understand your dream, they are not in your dream and if they don’t understand then they can’t support you just by telling them.

Knowing all these, the next thing for you is to start your dream, if they don’t understand you by telling them why not show them, they say seeing is believing. The one thing I know is, there is no way you can show them without you starting it and at the end you will be surprise that those companies, people who had turned you down earlier will come back to partner with you.

Try to Google the first car stereo ever used, they started it and now people have built the idea up to the CD player we now use in cars. There won’t be anything for people to support or build on if they didn’t start.


3 the money will follow

Like I have said above that all what your dream need is you, don’t wait for the money to start because dreams doesn’t need money to start, what a dream needs is you then the dream brings money.

You can research on many great and successful business men to read their history, how they started their now multi million dollars company. The funny thing is, the software you are going to use in doing your search is one great example, yes I am talking about Google.

You can start your research from there, do like five more companies maybe that will inspire you to wake up, stop waiting for money and start because if you start, at the end you will be rich.


There may be a thousand logical reasons for you not to start but if you wait until all the lights turns green you will never step out of your house. Quit analyzing because too much analysis will eventually lead to paralysis.

Take steps, ask questions, make that phone call, and order for that product. Start now! Yes, nothing will happen until you move. Make moves and watch obstacle clear out-of-the-way. It is not as terrible as you think. Impossibility is an illusion of the mind, go for it, reach for it and by all means and at all cost start right NOW!

Who knows whether you’re the next global enterprise to spring up from this nation? Don’t back down again this time, don’t explain this article away rather move with the flow of the energy flowing in your spirit now. START RIGHT HERE!

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