Whatever Love cannot solve has no Solution



Have you ever being in a situation where a stranger (or even a friend) starts to unload their baggage on you, and the seemingly massive problems you have begins to feel like child’s play? What does one do in such scenarios? How does one help? These and many more questions have trodded the minds of many a people.

But do you ever realize that this is how relationship and family counselors (psychologistst or shrinks as we call them) feel? They sit in their rotatory black leather chairs and morning after morning a new stranger sits folded up on the sofa in front of them, unloading their problems on them, from family, to love, to abuses, to molestations, to harassment… For hours unend. And they sit there listening, sometimes themselves lost as to how to help them, but one thing never fails…Love.

You see, every problem appears different from a distance, but when it is brought closer and viewed from an objective eye, the cause of all problems (at least when it comes to relationships, marriages, love and frienships) is really just the lack or in some cases dearth of love. Give anyone and anything love, and give them a little more time and they’ll recover.

So next time someone crops up to you and you dont know what to say or how to say it, remember: What love can’t solve has no solution. And mind you, I’ve never seen or heard of anything like that! Give other people love, and don’t forget to give yourself some also, you may need it more than them.

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