Can Two Walk Together Unless they Agreed?


Two Must Become One: You Can Not Walk With One Leg


Choosing a partner is simple, but choosing a partner that will support you, agree with you, join hands with you to fight this life battle is where the problem is because you can not walk with one leg and if your partner won’t join hands with you it means you have just one leg. . That’s why I will tell you now that, it’s not about getting married, it’s about getting married to your perfect fit. If you have seen, hear and fought a war before, maybe physical, spiritual or mental war you will understand what I’m saying and the need for you to choose your partner wisely without pressure or selfish reason. In the bible, Jesus said “where two or three are gathered there I am in their midst.” (Mathew 18:20) do you understand that? I love God, he’s so perfect. Why do you think he started from two? Why didn’t he starts from one or three? Because he has planned it all, he did it because of husband and wife, has it is in the beginning so is it now at present and so shall it be in the future.

“Again I say unto you, that if the two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask , it shall be done for them of my father which is in heaven.” Mathew 18:19

A husband and a wife can become mighty partners in prayer . The prayer of agreement requires just two of you on earth, agreeing according to God’s words. You may be mighty in prayer alone, but you will be mightier with your spouse joining you.

Another verse says “can two walk together except they be agreed.” Amos 3:3. God has a reason for emphasising this, he created marriage, he loves the union and he has laid a good foundation for it, so couples will know their right and have some spiritual backing. So if you and your partner isn’t agreeing, I’m telling you there is fire on the mountain. The devil knows this things, he knows he’s in trouble if couples should agree, so he’s out there working day and night to make sure they don’t agree, to make sure they pick wrongly and you are there sleeping and taking everything for granted. I pity you

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You better know what you are into and stand up to your feet to fight the devil over your marital problems, if you are not married yet, congratulations, this is a second chance for you to brace up, pray without ceasing, work and study hard to be sure your partner now is your perfect fit, your bone of your bone because if him/her isn’t your perfect fit and you show stubbornness and get married to the person, you have just signed your destruction letter, and you will learn the hard way. All these preaching it’s not for myself, it’s for you, if you like yield to warnings, if you like be hard hearted and strong headed, it’s your choice, it’s your cross. Let me tell you this, nobody will be there to suffer with you, not your parents, not your friends, not your pastors. You will be there on your own and suffer all the pains and agony on your own, the best everybody can do for you is to help you in prayer and with moral talk.

For every bad marriage that happens, the devil and his agents rejoice because they know they are winning and have won. If you die inside the marriage with the grudge of your partner inside you, you are going to hell. God won’t listen to your lamenting that it’s not my fault, its my husbands fault. They are just stories because he has given us powers over principality and to choose right but you were blinded by love and went astray. So it’s your cross

Let us see some point about the power of two. If you look deep you will see that most important things in our body are in pairs. Eg the eyes, the nostrils, the legs, the hands etc they are in pairs so that they can complement each other, so they join forces together, so they can be more powerful.

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Let’s try this, just fold one of your legs and try to walk, are you able to walk? That’s the point, and that’s how you are if you are not in accordance with your partner. If your partner is not joining hands with you, you are walking with one leg. You will struggle, you will be slow, you won’t make that impact, you will be weak. Fold one of your legs and try to run, can you? Won’t your opponent that are chasing you catch you? They will definitely catch you. Well, you might not die, you might suffer it if you are strong enough but I’m very sure you will have lots of stories to tell after your victory. It might even have affected your body, your appearance, maybe you are now looking older than your age. I think looking older than your age is still even better than you now having to sit on a wheel chair due to stroke. Tell me can that kind of person enjoy and celebrate his/her victory? I don’t think so

Now let’s try this again, don’t fold any of your legs and try to walk, hmmm can you see the difference? Now try to run, wow no opponent is ever going to catch you except you lose concentration. That’s the power of two, that’s the power of you and your partner joining hands together.

“One will defeat one thousand and two will defeat ten thousand”.

Wow, I love this verse, but baffles me is, it says one will defeat one thousand and two ten thousand, I don’t think that’s a good maths. Why is it not two will defeat two thousand? Are you asking yourself the same question? Don’t worry, I will tell you the answer. It’s because two will do times ten(10) of what one is going to do. Can you see the power of two now? Not times 2, not times 3, not times 5 but times 10. Wow two is wonderful

“Two heads are better than one.” tell me of what value is the second wing to a bird when one wing has been cut off.”

The second wing is completely useless. So when you are choosing aa life partner these are things you should put in mind. Don’t just choose because you are frustrated, because you have pressure from home, because all your mates are already married. There is more to marriage than what you expect. Always remember it’s not how far but how well. Have met with different ladies, some ladies will even have date for themselves, I want to get married this year, this always make me laugh. Because of this, they give anybody that comes there way the chance, and I know the devil. When he knows this, he will find his agent, fire him up and make him look gorgeous, exactly the kind of man that the lady is looking for. On seeing this man, the lady will fall totally in love not knowing she’s actually falling in love with the devil. After marriage, the problem starts and that’s how it will be till they have kids and they are all grown ups. Most people die in it and some always overcome. Tell me how hard it can be out of your 70years on earth you have spent 45 years in sadness and fighting battles all by yourself. What then have you come to do on earth, what will be your impact. You never enjoyed your marriage and the good things of life. It’s heavy, and very deep. I cant finish all the words in one article, I think I need to write a book to be able to pass it all out of me for people to read. Take the right decision today

May God help you as you are about to start making the right decision. Put God first, in the middle and at the end. Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer.

If you are already married before reading this article and you are facing battles in your marriage, this article might not work for you but you can still get to understand one or two things from the article.

PS: This life we are is a war zone, so If you want to choose a partner, choose a partner that will join hands with you to fight the battle. It will be bad if you are fighting life war and still fighting marital war at the same time all by yourself and it will even be worse when your partner is among those people you are fighting against. Be wise, let God choose for you

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