The Job of Making a Relationship and Marriage Work


It’s very funny how we spend years in studying for every other job on the planet but neglect the most important of all;

The job of making a marriage work. This is actually want modernization has brought into life because I can remember old women telling me that they spent years learning how to become a good wife and mother from their mothers with elderly women in the community. They don’t have primary schools, secondary schools and university then, no course of study, no job to study for.

So the only job they have then is to be the housewife and mother whereas the men are learning how to provide for their family from their fathers by following them to the farm, hunting, blacksmithing or whatever the profession of the father is.

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This new modern age is good, but it must not change our focus , it must not change our role. We must not forget our source because of it. Because I don’t understand why we have to neglect the study of being a wife with a husband. Many people fail in this course, marriage course because there were ignorant.

I met with a professor one time, he told me that in his life he has never failed before, right from his primary school days to university, to him completely his masters, doctorate till he became a professor. He emphasized it that at this point of his life, he’s a failure and he’s failing in his marriage.

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This happened because he spent years studying and feeding himself, acquiring knowledge about his field while he neglect the most important field of all, the most important course of all THE MARRIAGE. We tend to forget that we are going to spend more time, more years being a father,husband,wife and mother than we are going to spend being a bank manager, career man/woman et al.

The only course you can fail that will affect your own life is the marriage course, you can’t cross over, you can’t change your course, you can’t change the school, the only thing you can do is to change your partner which still doesn’t mean anything, if you change your partner without you having to study the course and know much about it, acquire knowledge you will still fail with your new partner.

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You can’t retire from marriage after a specific number of years. No, this is a lifelong, life-consuming profession. That is if you really understand what you are getting yourself into and take your marriage seriously. It’s the greatest profession you can ever have so why take it for granted, why not study it like you did your career or even more than.

If you study this course, you understand it, you can never fail in your marriage because you will know all the answers to the question your marriage and relationship is asking you. You will be loaded and full guided.

So! You want to be married, do you? Do you want be a husband or do you want to be a wife?

Then take your relationship/marriage as a job today, study everything necessary for you to pass it, it’s only this way you can be fulfilled, there is no shortcut to it. Number one book for you to study is the bible, it’s from the bible every other books are produced. God help you as you begin to study the course of marriage.

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