Taking your Spouse Love for Granted Ruins your Marriage/Relationship

love for granted

One of the things we do that always destroy the relationship and love we have built in our marriages is taking the love our partner shows to us for granted. We take the love for granted then we worry later about what is going on with the love we once shared. We ask ourselves, what has changed in my husband/wife? What changed in them is their love you took for granted. [Read Also: Weekly Dose: 1 Powerful Responsibility of the Husband and the Wife]

When our partner show us love, don’t take them to be a fool because that’s how most people behave. Their partner shows them love by doing something extra ordinary for them, next thing they will do is for them to request for it or request a little more from their partner. This kind of attitude does nothing but ruin relationships. So when our partner shows us love, take it as important as you should, don’t take it like it’s their job to do it even if it should be there job but instead appreciate it and watch that love In your marriage/relationship wax stronger.

John loves his wife so much and he decided not to be like most men that claim they love their partners but won’t show it. John is different, he loves her and he is showing the love. Almost every day John prepares meal when he gets back from work if he comes back from work before his wife

That’s a good thing right? Yes it is a good thing. This went on for a while but something happened one day when John was doing the usual thing he always does. He came back before his wife again this faithful day and he started preparing dinner, not too long his wife came back from work. They exchange pleasantries, the wife went inside to change her office wear into a casual one. When she is done changing, she went to the sitting room, put on the television, crossed her legs and was watching the channels, waiting and expecting her husband to call on her when he is done preparing dinner.

That attitude of her was the thing that put an end to John preparing meal whenever he gets home before his wife. Get the point here, I am not saying there is anything bad in the husband preparing meal while the wife watch TV but there must be a mutual understanding about it. Hey Honey, don’t stress yourself; I know you have had long day at work, just go relax, I will be done with the dinner in few minutes then we can eat.

That is the better approach to it not the way the woman did it by leaving her husband to it without her husband asking her to leave. What she did is take the love for granted. Have you also been taking the love your husband is showing you for granted?  Maybe he is not even showing your love anymore, it is time to change

Rachael always washes her husband shirts without her husband asking her to do it. Then one day, her husband said, you didn’t iron the shirts and that changes everything since that day. The husband didn’t even say thank you or try to show appreciation, things like this is what ruin the love in our marriage then we wonder what went wrong

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If you are taking everything for granted, don’t take your partner for granted and most importantly don’t take the love they show to you for granted. They are showing you the love because they want to not because they don’t have anything to do. So appreciate them and appreciate the love

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