Steps to Turn Your Marriage Around

Steps to Turn Your Marriage Around

Let the power of resurrection work on your marriage, because he has risen your dead marriage can rise also.

“Why are you looking for the living among the dead, he’s not here he’s risen.”

Have you lost hope in your marriage? Maybe you have the believe that you can never be happy again in your marriage or maybe you have tried your best and given all of you in your marriage but still there are no changes and nothing to show for it. Don’t worry, put your mind at rest, the change you desire will start manifesting in your marriage as from today because our Lord Jesus has risen from the dead, so therefore your marriage also will rise from the dead in the mighty name of Jesus.

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All you have to do now is follow some simple steps, follow me as I go on with the steps. Wait… before we continue, I’m not saying this is going to be a easy journey, so buckle yourself up as you are about pronounce life into your marriage. In genesis when God created man, “the bible said and he breathe in him the breathe of life.” That’s exactly what you are going to do today and your marriage will receive life in Jesus name

Step 1

Be Positive

This is very important because it’s the foundation of resurrecting your marriage. What this means is that, you need to have a positive mind about your marriage, all the nagging, complaint, lamenting must stop. Then you put in a new approach to your marriage, you put in the mind that your partner has changed even if he/she hasn’t. There is what we call subconscious mind, you might have noticed it before, you know if you keep hatred for something in your mind, your reaction to that thing will be different even if you don’t think about it sometimes, that’s your subconscious mind working.

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If you are negative about your marriage, everything you will be doing in the marriage will be negative and what’s going to be happening in the marriage will be negative. For example, you are negative about your partner if he/she should show you love, you won’t see it as love and this won’t go well with your partner which is also going to affect your marriage but if you have a positive mind about your marriage you will have peace and this peace we affect your marriage even if your partner doesn’t show you love you will take everything he/she does as love. These matters a lot in your marriage and also has meanings in your marriage.

You can’t be praying with a negative mind and expect the prayer to be answered when you have already shoot down the prayers with your mind, so you need to change your negative mentality to your marriage and watch how your marriage is going to receive life.

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Step 2

Bury The Hatred

This part is very sensitive and very necessary for resurrection to occur. I know your partner broke your heart, yes he cheated on you, she took you for granted and embarrassed you and so on. But whatever the hatred you might cling on you must cut that rope today, you must set your partner free today and also set yourself free. You can’t be going around with hatred for your partner and you expect your marriage to have life.

Hatred will make everything you do be hurtful, when your partner shows you love all you will see is hatred, even hatred won’t allow your prayers to be answered. So you see why you need to purge out all the hatred you have for your partner, yourself or the marriage. If you want to be happy, have a happy marriage, happy family and also if you want to resurrect your marriage you need to let go of the hatred.

Step 3

Be Prayerful

“Prayer is the key, prayer is the key, prayer is the master key, Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer, prayer is the master key.”

It’s important we do step 1 and 2 before praying because if these two things are in our lives then our prayers won’t be answered. Maybe you have been praying all these while but it seems your prayers isn’t answered, I think is time for you to go back and check yourself to see if you are not carrying step 1 or 2 or both around in your life because if you do, then that’s the reason your prayers are not being answered. But today you must take a different approach to your marriage. You’re a christian and your father Jesus Christ has risen, so therefore you are entitle to the power of that resurrection and your marriage must receive life and resurrect. Go to God in prayer, pray without ceasing, lay on your prayer points before God. Decree the power of resurrection into your marriage, the blood he shed on the cross should wash away every sorrows, sadness, pains in your marriage. Pray these prayers every second, every minute, every hour, everyday and see how your marriage will turn around for the best.

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Those are the steps to follow to allow the power of resurrection in your marriage. After this, you must live your life like a victor, you must live your life to align with everything you have read and done. No negative thought, no hatred, be happy, and walk in the light

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