3 Deep Sources of Marriages and Relationship Problems

3 Deep Sources of Marriages and Relationship Problems

I think last month my brother told me about our childhood friend that got married two years ago that he has some issues and now his wife has left him When he told me, I pitied him.

I was sad when he told me, I remember I told him some years back about the woman he was dating then and wanted to marry but I wasn’t sure if she was the one he later married

But that is all I could remember when my brother told me last month. I pitied him and left the issue but early this month, something just reminded me and took me to when we were young and to the parents, home and family of the friend

The spirit reminded me, like a flash back and I pictured everything then when we met the friend and his family they had no mom, we didn’t meet the mom what happened to the mom, we can’t really say, because they didn’t give us any tangible thing about her. The father was taking care of them alone, a single father

Later a woman came to the house and the woman is now the mother of the house and wife after some time, maybe months the woman left.

The reason why she left, we did not know To cut the long story short, during the little time we spent together about 4-5 years can’t really say precisely like 3 women came and left

Then, when we were together I didn’t read any meaning to it maybe because I was young But when the memory came flashing back to me this month, I was like wow…. I understand it God

it was at that time it began to make sense to me, i now related it to the friend that his wife left him. Is it not looking already like father like son? And when I got to church today, the pastor talked about Cain and Abel, I am sure we know them very well it’s a popular story in the bible. I know we are asking why his wife left him.

Well, I am not actually looking into their faults or why his wife left but let’s just be following sensitively.
Cain and Abel was the first children and siblings from the bible but were the children of the first human that disobeyed, God cursed them and sent them out of Eden, what happened after? Cain killed his brother Abel

And lastly the story I heard about a woman who got pregnant at the age of sixteen and she gave birth to a girl And lo and behold the girl she gave birth to also got pregnant at the age of sixteen and guess what she gave birth to? Yes you are right; she gave birth to a girl.

Also I am not sure if anyone has seen or heard of any situation like this before Where am I going with this? Most of the time what we see is the physical but that physical we are seeing is influenced by some forces in the spiritual

when I say what is the sources of problems in marriages? We say alcohol, lack of trust, selfishness, cheating etc but do we know that the forces behind the predicament won’t appear face to face and say I’m the cause.

A woman who some spiritual forces are disturbing just because they don’t want her married or stay under a man…. something will send her packing maybe by them displaying some physical characters through her in her marriage or a man who the spiritual forces planned that he won’t enjoy any fruit from his children, the force will make the man useless and he won’t take care of any children so he won’t enjoy any fruit.

All this things are real very real and are everywhere but some people always break that chain.

You won’t know or notice except you’re sensitive in the spirit. So the reason your partner is misbehaving might be because of this things. Maybe the force is on your spouse or you
If you ask me what the sources of problems in marriages are, I will say

  1. Covenant:

This is an agreement between two or more parties. It could be holy or demonic. Any violation will always attract some form of penalty. Types of covenants include: blood covenants, peace covenants, marriage covenants etc covenant made by your parents on your behalf or your spouse parents and from you also knowingly or unknowingly

  1. Curse:

A execration, malison, anathema, or commination) is any expressed wish that some form of adversity or misfortune will befall or attach to some other entity: one or more persons, a place, or an object. In particular, “curse” may refer to such a wish or pronouncement made effective by a supernatural or spiritual power, such as a god or gods, a spirit, or a natural force, or else as a kind of spell by magic or witchcraft.

Maybe from your parents or your spouses, God says I will visit the sin from the first generation to the 4th generation and it could be through you or your spouse with what you have both done in the past

  1. Inheritance:

Inheritance is the practice of passing on property, titles, debts, rights, and obligations from one generation to another. You can’t cause this one, it’s definitely from the parents or grandparents, it’s not your faults but you have it now, what are you going to do about it for you to enjoy your life and marriage

Now the ways to overcome it

The one and only way I know is through Jesus Christ to God but the steps as follows:

Be born again

Then you make sure you close all the doors to sin because as sin is entering, the sin will bring along some companion, sin doesn’t walk alone and the companion might be those things again. In some cases one might need deliverance it depends on how big the issue is

Forgiveness:  forgive anybody you are holding anything against, your parents, anybody, after that, you should trace where the problem is coming from.

Tracing won’t easy but you have to do it because you have to make amendment from the source for example, if its covenant, you should find out how it happened, with whom and the reason for the covenant. If it’s a curse you find out where the curse is coming from and inheritance, who inherited it and from whom

Then you do proper deliverance and breakage from the source, you can’t do it alone mind you, you need a spiritual leader specifically your pastor ‘a bible believing prayer warrior pastor’.

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